Bitter kola and black bullet – a potent manpower?

Do you know that some men now use the combo of black #bullet drink and #bitter kola as manpower in order to last longer in bed? Yes they do and they claim it works….

How do they use #bitter kola + #black bullet as aphrodisiac?

Two ways:

Chew some fresh bitter kola and wash it down with black bullet energy drink before action….do this at least 30minutes – 1 hour before meeting her. You will notice your sexual drive will increase and you will perform much better compared before.

Bitter kola and black bullet - a potent manpower
#Bitter kola and #black bullet – a potent manpower…..

Another way of using this combo is by soaking #bitter kola in #black bullet at least 1 hour before drinking it….I was told it works like magic.

Please do not abuse this. Thank you

Any questions? Let’s talk in the comment section.


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