Functions and Side effect of black bullet drink…..Disadvantages of black bullet drink….does black bullet contain alcohol?

The uses or functions of black bullet energy drink are mental alertness, boost energy, drives away sleep and make you more productive at night. To some guys, black bullet energy drink make them last longer in bed.

Functions and Side effect of black bullet drink
Black bullet drink

Please be informed that black bullet energy drink does not contain alcohol so the question of “alcohol percentage of black bullet” is null and void. Black bullet energy drink is non-alcoholic.

Just like all energy drinks, black bullet have the following side effects:

Disadvantages and Side Effects of black bullet drink you must know.

Overconsumption of black bullet may lead to the following outcomes;

1. Increased sweat secretion

2. Elevated blood pressure (Hypertension)

3. Poor sleep

4. Liver damage

5. Seizures with associated accidents

6. Psychotic disorders

7. Rhabdomyolysis (muscle damage and muscle breakdown)

8. Palpitations (racing heart beat)

9. Myocardial infarction leading to possible cardiac arrest

10. Nausea and vomiting

11. Abdominal pains

12. Kidney damage or kidney failure

13. Unnecessary agitation

14. Poor coordination

15. Poor concentration/attention span

16. Coronary heart diseases (coronary vasoconstriction

17. Cerebral vasoconstriction

18. Altered blood urea nitrogen (electrolytes)

19. Interferes with calcium absorption

20. Respiratory failure.

These side effects listed here are not in anyway exhaustive.

What happens when you mix energy drinks like black bullet, monster, predator, lucazade boost with alcohol?

Please Read:



1. In general, most Men believe that mixing Energy drink with Alcohol gives them great Strength and Sex drive, but this is HOG WASH and total nonsense. Drinking a mix of these two and having Sex can lead to untimely death during action because they suck lots of Oxygen from the lungs and stretches the Organs including the Heart.

2. When both are mixed, the negative side effects of energy drinks and alcohol are going to interact and hit you at the same time and lead to Alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning leads to serious emergency that can contribute to other major health concerns.

3. Energy drinks like black bullet, monster, predator, dragon etc and alcohol are both diuretics that leads to dehydration and bad hangover.

4. The combination of the two makes alcohol consumption more addictive.

5. The mixes leads to your unintentionally drinking yourself to stupor, because caffeine makes it harder to assess your own level of intoxication.

6. Both increases drunk driving, binge drinking, and fighting.

7. Jagerbomb/Red Bull will easily lower your guard and increase the likelihood of casual and unprotected sex.

8. Mixing both takes off the gloves and rapidly increases the potentially dangerous consequences, like unintended pregnancies, sexual assault, and sexual transmitted diseases.

9. Mixing alcohol and energy drinks leads to adolescent brain damage, more emergency clinical visits and increased hospitalizations.

Would you still want a mix of Alcohol and Energy Drinks? I don’t think so.

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