Is 7UP good for nausea during pregnancy?

Morning sickness characterised by nausea , vomiting, tiredness, weakness and even dizziness is a too common in early pregnancy….

Millions of pregnant women will experience this morning sickness and trust me, it is a terrible experience that no pregnant woman will ever want to pass through.

Is 7UP good for nausea during pregnancy?
Is 7UP good for nausea during pregnancy?

Soft drinks like coca cola, pepsi, mirinda, sprite, and 7up can reduce the symptoms of morning sickness by stopping that nauseous feeling , vomiting and dizziness.

If during pregnancy you are always feeling like vomiting, and excessively salivating then you can take a bottle of 7up drink to relieve the symptoms…a sip of 7up drink will also help..

If your morning sickness persist and not responding to this suggested home made remedy with 7up drink, then see your doctor.

Don’t worry, 7up does not cause miscarriage or abortion.

How does 7up relief morning sickness?

It is easy. The high sugar content of 7up drink dries up the mouth reducing the too much saliva that gathers in your mouth….small sips of 7up drink really helps to make this happen….

Are there other soft drinks that helps?

Yes of course, schwepps helps, sprite drink helps and even fanta do help.

Can I use bitter kola to get rid of morning sickness?

Bitter kola is well known for relieving morning sickness. It helps reduce the too much spit in the mouth and save you that feeling of vomiting immediately you chew a bit of it or just put it in the mouth…

What about agbalumo?

Agbalumo as fondly called, is very sour and gives you that sour feeling that removes saliva from the mouth … Licking that sour juice of agbalumo is what will just do that magic of curing your morning sickness.

Many pregnant women go about with agbalumo fruit in their bags to make it readily available when they need it.

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