Can an auxiliary nurse open a chemist shop.

Yes… auxillary nurses are allowed to open patent medicine store in Nigeria. This means , as an auxiliary nurse or a health assistant or a nurse assistant…you can set up a small chemist shop where you will be allowed to sell some patent over the counter medicines or drugs.

Can an auxiliary nurse open a chemist shop?
Can an auxiliary nurse open a chemist shop? Yes

All you need to do is to get a license from the Nigerian Association of Patent mad Proprietary Medicine Dealers (NAPPMED)….NAPPMED have offices in alp the 36 states of the federation with their headquarters in Abuja. After you have registered your patent medicine store with NAPPMED, then you are good to go.

Please be informed that setting up a chemist shop is capital intensive but you can start small…To drive sales and make your shop visible, you can also be selling provisions, water, drinks (not alcohol though), supplies for safe sex like good cycle etc.

You can read more about over the counter drugs you can stock in your shop ….with good turnover. Some over the counter drugs you must always have in your chemist shop as an auxiliary nurse is postinor, postpill, methylated spirit, cotton wool, gauze, painkillers, oral and IV antibiotics, sanitary pads etc.

Summary; an auxiliary nurse can open a chemist shop in Nigeria and even in Africa after getting permission and certificate from NAPPMED…This chemist shop will be stocked with over the counter drugs and some other essential supplies. You can include some edible provisions to drive sales and remain afloat financially…

Please set up your chemist shop in strategic locations….and don’t involve yourself in malpractices. Thank you.

A biochemist or microbiologist can also open a chemist shop where he or she will be selling patent medicines.

Whether you like it or not, patent medicine stores is what drives Community Pharmacy.

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