what is gorontula called in ghana? What is goron tula called in Twi language?

Many Ghanaians have written me to find out the Ghana name of the popular goron tula fruit but it is a pity that I don’t seem to have an answer for them…The truth is , there is no local name for Goron tula in Twi or Akan languages or dialects….Goron tula is originally a Nigerian plants from Goron Tula village in Gombe, Northern Nigeria….so Ghana has no name for it..

That said , goron tula is very healthy and has many sexual and health benefits that you should enjoy….


Goron Tula (in Hausa) is sometimes referred to as Thespesia or silky kola, also known as tree hibiscus and snot apple in English.

Goron tula is mainly famous for curing fertility problems in both men and women.

what is gorontula called in Ghana? (Goron Tula in Twi)
what is gorontula called in Ghana? None but help out if you know any

Health benefits of Goron Tula.

1. It increases the female libido and improves the sperm quality of men
2. It aids fertility, it is superb for those trying to conceive
3. It helps with the production of juice that aids lubrication, perfect for those with vagina dryness
4. Prevent high blood pressure.
5. Cleanses the body system.
6. Prevent liver problems.
7. Cancer prevention
9. Boost bowel movement.
10. Improve immune system.
11. Cures chest pain.
12. Good for weight loss.
13. Goron tula is used in the making of kayan mata….a Hausa aphrodisiac for both males and females.


Have you heard of Goron tula also called the MIRACLE FRUIT?

Goron Tula has so many health a benefits and is a must have for every woman😁

💠It increases fertility in women
💠It helps women reach orgasm
💠Good for female lubrication
💠It is used as herbal medicine for chest pain, cough, liver problems, menstruation and STDs.
💠The fruit has lots of health benefits. The nutrients present in the fruit help in the detoxification body system, prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure, and fertility challenges.
💠It serves as an aphrodisiac.
💠“It can also assist in improving bowel movement, ease digestion and improve the body immune system.

“This fruit does a whole lot more and that is why it is seen as a miracle fruit,”.

CAVEAT: Any ghanaian that know the local name of goron tula in Twi language should please educate us with it. Thank you.

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