what happens if you eat indomie everyday?


Noodles are one of the staple foods eaten in most part of the world and for us in Nigeria, indomie is the commonest noodle eaten.

It contains too much sodium and some other compounds which include monosodium glutamate which can be harmful to the body. It can cause weight gain, increase blood pressure, headache, nausea.

What happens if you eat indomie everyday?
What happens if you eat indomie everyday? It can cause you serious health challenges and malnourishment

It contains just carbohydrates, sodium,fat, no fibre, no minerals, no protein…. It is just a low calorie diet that is just there except you add vegetables and proteinous foods to it….. Eaten alone is as good as eating a junk food

Normal noodles take 2hours to digest, instant noodles takes 12-32hours to digest fully and research shows it can even be more. This is because it is low in fibre which makes it hard for your digestive system to handle

Noodles is not a meal one can live on, it doesn’t contain important nutrients. Children who live on noodles have poor growth, children should not even be eating this everyday. Living on instant noodles overtime as adults can increase your risk of diabetes, heart diseases especially high blood pressure and even stroke

Eating noodles must be done with moderation…. Not an everyday meal. Never eat it alone, add vegetables like carrot, proteins like fish, egg, meat

Noodles cannot be your best food….. Get healthier dietary alternatives.

Summary: you cannot afford to eating indomie and other noodles daily as it has deleterious health effects…eating instant noodles every day can cause you heart diseases, obesity, malnutrition, diabetes, stretch marks, and even kidney diseases.

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