Is Ovaltine ok for diabetics? Is Ovaltine good for diabetics?

Ovaltine beverage just like Milo, is good for people living with diabetes. It contains very little sugar and will not make your sugar rise out of proportion after taking it….For diabetics, it is important you don’t put or add sugar in your Ovaltine beverage before taking it….take your Ovaltine plain without sugar if you are diabetic.

Is Ovaltine ok for diabetics?
Is Ovaltine ok for diabetics? Yes

Some tips you should learn about the diet and drinks of a person living with diabetes.



🌼One of the most frustrating thing for people with diabetes aside from daily intake of medications is diet. Imagine when your told dont eat this, avoid that… This is more like a death sentence and you want to ask the person if he/she wants you to starve.
If you have diabetes all you need to do is to eat a heathy diet. Eating in moderation is the key to healthy living, not only for diabetic patients but everyone.

Most importantly if your diabetic, AVOID intake of food or liquids containing sugar, Carbonated drinks, pineapples, It’s a NO if you really want to achieve good blood sugar control. Avoid alcohol intake and smoking.

Also, reduce salt intake , cut down intake of carbohydrates and fat diets and increase intake of protein diet. Make sure if you are eating any carbohydrate, it should be with protein diet or vegetables which should be more in quantity compare to the carbohydrate. Eat little quantity of every meal at a time.

You can eat fruits like carrots, apple, cucumber, garden egg, water melon with lots of veggies (spinach, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, moringa etc)
Orange, banana intake should be in minute quantity and when taking orange eat everything aside the peel, dont just take the juice only.

Regular Exercise is important and compliance with your diabetic medications either Tablets or Insulin.

It’s advisable to have a personal glucometer to enable you check your blood glucose level on a regular basis at home and don’t forget to have a regular check up with your doctor.

🌼Do share with us what you or your loved ones living with diabetes are doing to maintain a normal glucose control.

In summary, Ovaltine is not bad for diabetics. Patients living with diabetes can take Ovaltine but without sugar please. Ovaltine is healthy for persons living with diabetes.



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