Is Ovaltine good for kidney disease?

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Ovaltine is a very popular beverage in Nigeria and many parts of the world. Ovaltine is in the same category as bournvita, Milo, cowbell Choco,peak choco etc.

Some people want to know if Ovaltine is healthy for the kidneys and if kidney disease patients can take it. The answer is YES. OVALTINE is safe , healthy and good for the kidneys. Persons living with kidney diseases can drink Ovaltine beverage without fear. Don’t worry, Ovaltine also does not cause kidney stones or renal damage.

Is Ovaltine good for kidney disease
Is Ovaltine good for kidney disease?

OVALTINE,just like Milo, bournvita, peak and cowbell, is perfect for your kidneys. Enjoy.

How can you protect your kidneys from damage?

1. Drink water
2. Avoid bleaching creams
3. Avoid herbal concoctions
4. No smoking
5. Avoid or reduce alcohol intake.
6. Don’t use drugs without doctor’s prescription esp diclofenac, felvin etc
7. Check your BP and sugar regularly
8. Go for kidney function test at least once every year.

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