Is bama mayonnaise good for a pregnant woman?

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A lady, that is 20 weeks pregnant want to enquire whether she can eat bama mayonnaise during her pregnancy?

Her message:

Good morning Doctor, I am Kemi and I am writing from Abuja, Nigeria. I got married last year and I am 20 weeks pregnant as I write. Please I want to know if it is safe for me to eat bama mayonnaise during this my pregnancy?

Expecting a reply. Thank you.

My reply:

Good morning Madam and thank you for reaching out. If you pregnant, you can eat the processed bama mayonnaise you bought from the supermarket not the homemade bama mayonnaise (the bama you made at home). This is because, the processed company bama is made of pasteurized eggs not the outright raw eggs used for homemade bama mayonnaise.

Is bama mayonnaise good for a pregnant woman?
Is bama mayonnaise good for a pregnant woman? Yes

Eating soft-boiled or raw eggs while you are pregnant is not recommended. This is because if the risks of salmonella in raw eggs. If you eat an egg containing salmonella, you may experience abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chills, fever and headache within 6-72 hours after consuming it.

So you should avoid eating ice cream and mayonnaise as well because raw eggs is one of its ingredients.

What am I trying to day here? It is easy. Pregnant women can eat bama mayonnaise made by GBFOODS. It is safe and does not cause miscarriage or pregnancy loss. Heinz mayonnaise is is good for pregnant women…. Just make sure you buy the well processed and packaged mayonnaise made with healthy pasteurized eggs, you are fine. It is however important for me to plead with you to eat mayonnaise with moderation as it can get easily contaminated which can cause serious food poisoning.

As a pregnant woman, you can use bama mayonnaise to eat bread, or eat salads, it is not harmful… But eat bama in a very hygienically environment to avoid contamination.

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