Effect of zobo drink during menstruation and ovulation.

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Have you tried to check the relationship between zobo (hibiscus leaf) and menstruation and ovulation?

It is true that zobo drink help to zobo drink helps to reduce the pains of menstrual cramps and make period blood light making flow easier. To some ladies, they believe zobo drink can stimulate ovulation…. It is also believed that zobo drink cures hormonal imbalance by restoring ceased menses.

A group of ladies on Twitter talks about their experiences with using zobo drink for their menstruation….

Some comments:


Hibiscus leaves (zobo leaves) are powerful. Can even induce menstrual periods.


There was a time I saw my period (untimely) a day after excess consumption of zobo. I read about it and I realised it has a high content of vitamin C and other stuff that can trigger menstruation and miscarriage.

Effect of zobo drink during menstruation and ovulation
Effect of zobo drink during menstruation and ovulation…it make your flow heavier.

Veracious Chyrrkah

Zobo triggers menstruation for sure because of the the high vitamin c content. Zobo cleans the womb if blood clots during your period. Zobo drink somewhat triggers heavy flow.

Favour oboh

The last time i took zobo, I had very heavy flow. My period use to be very scanty and the blood was thick, but with zobo my period became very light.

Ashaya Bola

I know a woman who used chilled zobo drink to relieve her menstrual cramps during ovulation and menstruation. I don’t know how zobo drink helps to to this but I feel it helps to reduce the contractions of the fallopian tubes during menstruation leading to reduced pain.

Omobolanle Afonlayan

Zobo leaves also known as Hibiscus leaves has some amazing benefits. It regulates menstrual cycle, relieves menstrual cramps when used with other herbs and i have found that it works even on its own. It decreases blood pressure in people with high blood pressure too etc

You can make it yourself at home and the ingredients are readily available. You can infuse fruits like pineapple in it and boil/infuse it with other herbs. You can control the sweetness and thickness. You can make it your own way.

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