How TO use Ghana seed for infection

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Ghana seed or miracle seed is a very popular medicinal seed and highly sought after in Africa especially in Ghana and Nigeria ….it has innumerable health benefits and nutritional value.

How TO use Ghana seed for infection
How TO use Ghana seed for infection

Ghana seed is believed to have the ability to cure many diseases ans infections especially sexually transmitted infections, pelvuc inflammatory diseases, yeast infection, and bacteria vaginosis commonly called toilets infection.

A lady once described how she used Ghana seed for infection to as below;

🔅Chew three Seeds of the Ghana seed with groundnut and drink warm water immediately
OR Blend 3–5 Seeds and put in a quarter cup of warm water Or little quantity of sprite and drink to clear your vaginal infections and even urinary tract infection.

🔅OR Blend all the Ghana seed, keep in air tight container,sprinkle little amount in a quarter cup of warm water Or Sprite Or honey and drink.(you can add lime or honey to get maximal desired effect)

🔅OR Blend and put in a ball of garri or any swallow (garri reduces the potency, this method is not as effective as others).

Ghana seed purges thereby detoxifying your system.

If you can endure it would be nice you allow the Purging stop on its own but if you cant you can stop the purging by taken a tablespoon of palm oil or a cup of chilled water or simply take loperamide tablet to stop.

To be taken at most 1 hour After dinner or immediately.

Take one day ON one day OFF or Three times weekly for a fast result to get desired result.

Ghana seed for vaginal infections and discharge

Take 1 table spoon seeds of ghana Seed and few Mint leaves and boil them in a cup of water. Have it one times a day.

Ghana seed is cultivated throughout Asia,the Middle East,and Africa.the carrier oil has a high amount of A,B and C vitamins and minerals including potassium,copper,zinc and selenium. It blends well with citric and herbaceous scents in massage blends.

COMMON USES :black cumin seed oil also known as Ghana seed oil has been used as an all -purpose medicinal oil for centuries in Asia and Middle Eastern countries,especially for skin problems. According to a Hadith of Islam,the prophet Mohammed said,”… the black granules (kalonji) are remedies for all diseases except DEATH.

Today, Ghana seed is used for treating digestive tract conditions,including gas,colic,diarrhea, dysentery,constipation ,and hemorrhoids .it is also used for respiratory conditions including asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis ,emphysema,flu,swine flu,and nasal congestions. It naturally fights acne and even clogged pores.

The health benefits of Ghana seed are numerous …Ghana seed treats infections but antibiotics and seeing a doctor is more reliable to tell you the truth.

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