Health benefits of Ghana seed + Side effect of Ghana seed.

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Ghana seed or miracle wonder seed or croton seed has been hailed as the world most powerful laxative after castor seed, it has potent effect and works very fast in human system. Ghana seed cleanse your entire system in an amazing way leaving you refreshed and well rejuvenated.

Miracle seed/Ghana seeds:

Ghana seed burns fat very well and it is a fertility booster. The seed treat a lot of illnesses and chronic diseases too.See below for some of them. Just in less than 4 weeks, The benefits of Ghana seed will wow you if you take it religiously.


👉For flat tummy
👉For weight loss
👉For backache/waist pain
👉For constipation
👉It burns unwanted fat
👉Treats and prevents Toilet infection
👉Fights diabetes and lowers blood sugar.
👉Ghana seed shrinks Fibroid
👉 Treats Typhoid fever
👉Treats Malaria fever
👉Promotes excretion of Gall stones
👉Ghana seeds relieves menstrual cramps
👉Fallopian tube blockage
👉Ghana seeds lowers High blood pressure(hypertension)
👉Insomnia or lack of sleep
👉Pile or Hemorrhoids
👉General body detox
👉Flush the bowel system
👉Restores fertility
👉Treats many forms of infections
👉Ghana seeds are sometimes applied directly to the skin for rheumatoid arthritis (RA), gout, and other conditions. It has anti-inflammatory property.
👉Miracle seed detox the system
👉Try miracle seed for hormonal imbalance

Health benefits of Ghana seed + Side effect of Ghana seed.
Ghana seed/Miracle seed.


Take 1 seed for first dose, peel it and chew it with a handful of groundnuts, you can ground 1-2 seeds add to pap ot tea, milk and drink it.

First in the morning or last thing at night after meal.

The appropriate dose of ghana seeds depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for ghana seeds. Don’t overdose on it.


👉Ghana seed is not for nursing mothers or breastfeeding mothers.
👉Not for pregnant women as Ghana seed can cause abortion or miscarriage
👉Not for children age 1-14
👉Not for stomach ulcer patients.

Side effects of Ghana seeds

Ghana seeds and oil can cause burning of the mouth, vomiting, dizziness, painful bowel movements, and collapse. Applying Ghana seed oil on the skin could cause itching , redness and allergies.

Ghana seed for weight loss side effects

The commonest side effect the people who use Ghana seed have complained not is the painful diarrhoea and accompanying dehydration…drink a lot of water when you take Ghana seed and ensure you go to the hospital if the diarrhoea is persistent.


Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or doctor or other healthcare professional before using them.

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  1. Call Me On 08183312267 If You Need The Ghana Seed, I’m Based in Lagos(Palmgroove Precisely). 10 Ghana Seeds Goes For #1000.

  2. I took 4 seeds with 7 groundnuts and I have been purging since 3am I have stopped counting the numbers. I believe it’s overdose but it’s very effective

  3. After taking the seed I took cassava flakes(garri and sugar)and ever since I have been having severe stomach pain.pls advise

  4. I took this seeds on feb but I still experience those side effects what to do? Then can onetake this seed after every month?

  5. I have ulcer tho
    It hasn’t disturbed me
    Of recent and I want to take this Ghana seed how do I go about it am really fat and I
    Want to reduce

  6. I have eaten the seed for the first time and I pug severely after sometimes I took it I don’t pug again but rather pee a lot is it normal or its no longer working in my system??

  7. Hi, I bought Ghana seeds and I’m from Namibia, I would like to loose my belly fat because I have been looking as if I’m pregnant for the last past 4years, I’m a cronic patient with blood pressure and I suffer from constipation plus my heart got in large 5 years back but I’m on medication for that. I would like to know how many seeds should I take per week, or can I take one seed each day? Please advise thank you will be waiting for your kind response.

  8. 👋👋
    I don’t understand when they said use with ground nuts, explain more….

    And after I use this seed, can I still conceive if I want a baby or it will close my womb?

  9. Am trying to conceive can I use the Ghana seed have already bought it,but haven’t use it,I just want to be sure if is safe for me

  10. Good morning I took the ghana seed last night but honestly speaking the mouth irritation was horrible and discomforting, is there no other way that I can take it with out going through that feeling? Like apart from chewing the seed is there no other way?
    I will be glad to hear a response from you..

  11. Does Ghana seed work for both back and waist pain? Secondly I’ve been finding it difficult to toilet for days now,will it help?

    • I roll it inside of small piece of bread and drink like a bill is good way to me and I’m not fill a test at all then after drinking then I have lots of water and tea if I want tea. and I don’t know how test like and is working perfect.

  12. Hi to everyone using the ghana seed or magic for the first time please read instructions….only take one (1) magic seed…peel the outermost cover of the seed u will see an inner white core seed.crush it and mix it with 50ml of water.if u feel a burning sensation take a half glass of milk.or juice….effects of taking this seed is that u will experience bowel stay at home keep taking fluids and water.give approximately 6hrs for the herb to work effectively be patient.


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