What does pineapple do to your Virginia?

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These are the 5 things I know that eating pineaple and drinking pineapple juice will so to the vagina.

1. Pineapple Balances the Vaginal pH

The vagina is slightly alkaline and this is so to maintain the normal vagina flora… This means that excess alkalinity of the vigina can alter the pH and cause vagina infections like candidiasis and bacteria vaginosis. Ladies who consume loads of pineapple are proven to have better vagina health and are less prone to infections. This is because, pineapple, an acidic fruit , helps to neutralize the too much alkalinity of the vaginal and balances the pH to flush out bacteria and fungi causing vaginal infections.

What does pineapple do to your Virginia?
What does pineapple do to your Virginia?

2. Some ladies use pineapple for tightening.

Pineapple is not just enjoyed because it is rich in vitamins and minerals, it also has some sexual benefits especially for ladies. It is no longer news that some ladies take pineapple juice with the belief that it will for tighten their virginia and make “other room activities” enjoyable.

3. A sweetener of your juices

I deliberately decided not to put this first…Anything, any day, pineapple is the first fruit of choice for ladies preparing to have a “megbesuegbe” appointment. This is because a good number of ladies believe it will sweeten their juices and will make “brotherbros” want more. Pineapple is a form of cheap , healthy and safe kayanmata to many ladies. Is pineapple really a sweetener? Well, this is not science backed but taking it days before megbesuegbe will not harm you. You can decide to mix the pineapple juice with plain yogurt to get the desired sweetening result.

4. Removes yeast infection and other vaginal infections.

Candida cannot thrive in the presence of high acidic concentration. So, you already know that pineapple makes the vagina environment highly acidic to drive off yeast infection and other forms of vaginal infections caused by bacteria. Are you suffering , from recurrent yeast infection? Don’t worry, blend pineapple and plain yoghurt and drink the juice morning and evening….to cure the stubborn candidiasis and make you fresh again.

5. Removes vaginal odour

According to EverydayHealth: “Vaginal odour is any unpleasant odour that comes from the vagina. It’s normal for your vagina to have its own unique smell(as for every woman), but a very strong odor may signal a problem. The smell of your vigina may vary during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or menopause. You may also experience stronger smells after sexual intercourse or exercise.An intense odor, however, could be due to an infection that needs treatment.” To avoid the issue with offensive virginia smell, take loads of pineapple and drink loads of pineapple juice to help balance your vaginal pH and help you smell nice and fresh.

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