Does pineapple make your vag taste sweeter?

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A lady wants to find out if pineapple can make her taste sweeter and better…

From my inbox;

I have been seeing a lot of discussions on social media bothering on the use of pineapple to make the virginia taste sweeter , better and wetter. A lady posted on Facebook saying eating loads of pineapple and drinking pineapple juices 3 days before the “oza room appointment” makes her vag taste sweeter, fresher and ready. Many ladies corroborated her claims saying they have tried it too and it worked well for them. How true are these claims or will I call it beliefs now….does pineapple truly make the vag taste sweeter?

Does pineapple make your vag taste sweeter?
Does pineapple make your vag taste sweeter?

Sheri from Kenya

My reply:

Thank you for reaching out Sheri. Why not make your vagina taste like a vagina ? There is no special advantage in making your vagina taste like candy, orange, garlic, pineapple or any other fruit to be candid with you. Now straight to the point…. There is a saying that you are what you eat….this means the food and fruits you eat are secreted in your sweat, saliva, semen and even vagina secretions. It shows it is possible that pineapple can make the female private part taste sweeter…No wonder pineapple is viewed by may ladies as a sweetener and an enhancer.

However , there is no studies that have shown that pineapple makes a lady taste sweeter down there. Just social media speculations that have no scientific basis.

What experts have to say;

When asked about the use of pineapple as a sweetener by ladies, a gynaecologist, Dr Enaruna, once told as quoted: the claims that pineapple sweetens female private part is purely anecdoctal and has not been properly researched for verification. If you want to use pineapple so as to taste sweet, you will need to eat lots of it everyday for weeks to months before the actual act for it reflect in your vagina secretions. It is not a one day thing and don’t get it twisted.”

In similar vein, a urologist in one of the leading teaching hospitals in Nigeria, Dr Obasuyi, commented that eating pineapple to taste good down there is purely a social media construct that does not exist in scientific books. He said there was nothing wrong in eating pineapple for what ever reason because it is a healthy fruit rich in antioxidants. Eventhough it does not make you taste good and wet, just eat it. He said.

I hope you understand Sheri?

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