20 ways on how to get rid of rats in Nigeria. How to get rid of rodents in Nigerian home , factories, offices, and workplaces. How to get rid of rats in house fast in nigeria

Rats are quite terrible creatures to have around at home….they eat our foods and in the process contaminate it and to make matters worse, rats are major carrier of animal to human transmissible disease in the world. Rats cause Lassa fever and can also transmit Ebola fever, virus, hantavirus, plague, ratbite fever, tularemia, salmonella, lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus etc. In Nigeria tens of hundreds and even thousands of persons die from rat carrying Lassa fever yearly. So there is an urgent need to eradicate rats from our homes to prevent deadly diseases.

In this article, I am going to tell you the modern and local ways of getting rid of deadly rats from every Nigerian home. Rats control and eradication can be chemical, biological, physical, and mechanical.

1. Indocid (Indomethacin)

Go to the chemist, buy indocid, grind it and add it to the food rats like especially fish, meat or crayfish,…then put the poisoned food in all the corners and crevices of your room, house or compound for the rats to eat and die….indocid makes rat bleed in the brain and they die in minutes to hours….Start picking off the dead rats after some days and discard them to avoid smell….indocid is the oldest rat poison known to man.

How to get rid of rats in Nigeria
Indocid kills rat…
Image Credit: Opera News

2. Set Traps

Traps are effective if the rats are not much…for deratization of the house, you have to combine more than one methods to eradicate rats from you house….use integrated approach..Put traps with enticing foods in strategic positions in your house to catch those big and small rats…

3. Cats

There are special breeds of cats that are experts in killing mice, mouse and rats. …using cats to eradicate rats is known as biological control. The body odor of cats Aline drive away rats.

4. Some Plants scare away rats

Plants known to deter rats, mice, and rodents from your home include:
👉Marigolds (Rosmarinus officinalis)
👉Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
👉Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
👉Lavender (Lavandula)
👉Onions (Allium sepa)
👉Grape Hyacinth (Muscari asparagaceae)
👉Garlic (Allium sativum)

The smell of these plants repel rats…some of the plants , for example, garlic is poisonous to rats and can kill them.

5. Kill and dry

Some rat poison vendors usually hawk specially made rat poison called kill and dry. This rat poisons kills the rat and dries it up so that it will it smell. Kill and dry rat poison is usually mixed with dry fish or crayfish and placed on strategic locations in the house for the rat to see, eat, die and dry. Kill and dry rat poison in Nigeria is a rat poison that kills without odor.

6. Rat gum pad

It is made of super glue and it gums the legs, body and head of the rat that steps on it…it is very effective but only for few rats…also, rat gum pad is for single use and it gets damage after first catch.

See how it looks like here:

How to get rid of rats in Nigeria
A rat trapped by rat gum

7. Sniper

Can sniper kill rats? Yes of course it can. Fumigate your room and house with sniper for 24 hours and come back the following day…you will see all the rats dead. Sniper is highly restricted as is supposed to be an industrial rodenticide.

8. Block all holes and create barriers.

This is more tasky …blocking all entrances into the room and compound help to prevent from getting in. Cement and iron sponge comes in handy for this method.

9. Ammonia

I learnt that ammonia kills rats and scare away rats…but the problem is where are you going to get ammonia? That is the probem. The repugnant smell of ammonia repels rats, snakes ,lizards and other rodents one time.

10. Cow dung

Many people use cow dung to eradicate rats from the homes but to me, this unhealthy and can be malodorous. Put cow dung in all corners of your compound and house….the smell repels rats and other rodents…when a rat mistakenly eats cow dung, it dies from the stomach inflammation and abdominal cramps.

11. Electrocution

This method is effective if rats massively invades your home but I will not advice it if you have children at home. It is too accident prone.

12. Onions and pepper drives away rats

The smell of onions and pepper irritates the airway and stomach of rats and kills them as well. Sprinkle some ground pepper (fresh or dried ) and pepper into the holes of rat daily and watch them run away.

13. Camphor

Naphthalene balls known popularly as camphor is poisonous to rats and they try every means necessary to avoid it. Put as many camphor as possible in the corners of your room and house to repel or drive away rats.

14. Environmental sanitation

An environment that is not clean will harbour disease causing rats…the best way to prevent rats from invading your home is to keep your environment clean. Clear the bushes around you and dispose all your waste properly. I tell you this is the most effective if practice properly and carried out religiously.

Please help me with other ways you get rid of rats and rodents from your home….Want to learn from you.

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