what does 7up and salt do in the body? what does 7up and salt work for?

what does 7up and salt work for?

I realized people mix and take 7up drink with salt to treat the following:

1. Diarrhoea

2. Sore throat (tonsillitis)

3. Energy…gives strength..salt and 7up is believed to give strength.

4. Salt and 7up for upset stomach

5. 7up and salt is an energy booster to some people.

6. 7up and salt used by some ladies as contraceptives to flush sperm and prevent pregnancy.

7. 7up and salt is used for cough.

8. 7up and water is used by some ladies for abortion and terminate pregnancy.

The truth is, salt and seven up is not medicinal and has no approved health benefits…rather drinking salt and 7up can damage your liver and kidneys. 7up and salt can elevate your blood pressure and cause you hypertension. Elevated blood pressure caused by drinking salt and 7up, salt and coke and salt and coke or malt drink can cause you strokes, cardiac arrest, and kidney failure. So it is important that you don’t drink salt and 7up.

What does 7up and salt do in the body
What does 7up and salt do in the body

Here are the dangers of eating uncooked salt or adding salt to the water , soda, coke , fanta, sprite, malt before drinking.

Short-term effects and long term effects of eating too much salt

Eating too much salt at once, either in a single meal or over a day, can have a few short-term consequences.

Water retention

First, you may notice that you feel more bloated or puffy than usual. This happens because your kidneys wish to maintain a specific sodium-to-water ratio in your body. To do so, they hold on to extra water to compensate for the extra sodium you ate.

This increased water retention may result in swelling, especially in the hands and feet, and can cause you to weigh more than usual.

Rise in blood pressure

A salt-rich drink or meal like 7up + salt can also cause a larger blood volume to flow through your blood vessels and arteries. This may result in a temporary rise in blood pressure (1Trusted Source).

That said, not everyone may experience these effects. For instance, research suggests that people who are salt resistant may not experience a rise in blood pressure after salt-rich meals.

A person’s sensitivity to salt is thought to be influenced by factors like genetics and hormones. Aging and obesity may also amplify the blood pressure-raising effects of high salt diets.
These variables may explain why salt-rich diets don’t automatically result in a rise in blood pressure for everyone.

Intense thirst

Drinking salt and 7up can also cause you to have a dry mouth or feel very thirsty. Encouraging you to drink is another way in which your body tries to correct the sodium-to-water ratio.

The resulting increase in fluid intake can cause you to urinate more than usual. On the other hand, failing to consume fluids after eating high amounts of salt may cause your body’s sodium levels to rise above a safe level, resulting in a condition known as hypernatremia.

Hypernatremia can cause water to leach out of your cells and into your blood, in an attempt to dilute the excess sodium. If left untreated, this fluid shift can result in confusion, seizures, coma, and even death.

Other symptoms of hypernatremia include restlessness, breathing and sleeping difficulties, and decreased urination.

You can now see that drinking 7up mixed with salt has more side effects than the benefits you claim it gives.

The side effects of eating too much salt was culled from HEALTHLINE.


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