What is spirulina good for? What is spirulina used for? See the Uses of #Spirulina here👇

What is #Spirulina?

– A green cell algae was considered one of the best sources of nutrients. Protein up to 70% by dry weight contains 18 types of amino acids, which is more than the protein of spirulina meat. There are many valuable vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, B2, B2 and Vitamin E.

– In addition, spirulina has a soft, thin cell wall that is absorbed and easier to digest than other blue-green algae. Spirulina is recognized in the medical community as having good nutrition. A healthy food source is to increase immunity and restore the body’s functioning, promoting better health.

What is spirulina good for? What is spirulina used for?

*** Effect on the health of spirulina algae

1. Reduce fatigue because #spirulina is high in protein.
2. Lowering cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease
3. Reducing the risk of cancer
4. Prevent Anemia
5. Increase immunity and prevent allergies
6. Helps to flush toxins in the intestines.
7. Reduce hangovers by drinking alcohol.
8. Slowing down with aging

* Who is #spirulina qualified?

1. Children in old age
2. Elderly
3. Athletes
4. People who want to make the body strong and strong
5. Women during pregnancy and after delivery
6. People who work hard, stress
7. People who are troubled by food, fatigue, insomnia
8. Patients during the recovery period and after surgery
9. People with gastritis, anemia, liver disease
10. People who eat vegetarian food

What is spirulina good  for? What is spirulina used for?
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Benefits and Uses of Spirulina

#Spirulina is considered to be an “all in one” source of nutrients. In fact, it even has the potential to overpower meat and eggs as protein sources in the years to come. Dr. Anju Sood, a renowned nutritionist, suggests a list of benefits of spirulina –

1. Excellent Source of Proteins

Due to its high source of protein content, spirulina is frequently referred to as the “lean, green, protein machine”. In order to keep our health and well-being intact, a certain amount of protein is required by the human body. While non-vegetarians gain this protein through meat and eggs, #spirulina is an excellent alternative for vegetarians. It consists of 60 percent proteins, most of which are plant based. Proteins are essential to enhance the functioning of the heart as well as improve our hair health.

2. Helps Build Immunity

The immune system is made of T cells, B cells and natural immune cells. #Spirulina consists of certain elements that improve the functioning of these cells and hence builds the immune system.

3. Improves digestion

#Spirulina contains amino acids that provide digestive enzymes, which facilitates healthy digestion. It also helps fight intestinal infections as it has immune cells, which fight off virus and thus promote digestion.

4. A Great Source of Antioxidants

Carotenoid is the world’s most powerful antioxidant, and #spirulina is a rich source of this. An increase in free radicals in the body tends to aid wrinkling, bad skin and could also lead to cancer and heart diseases. Antioxidants work wonders to fight against free radicals.

5. Good for Growing Children

Spirulina facilitates healthy growth of children due to its numerous nutrients. It improves eye sight, helps build concentration, builds muscular growth as well as enhances tissue development.

6. Improves Energy Levels

Dr. Anju Sood say, “1 gram of protein gives the individual 4 Kilo calories of energy and since spirulina is loaded with proteins, it works as a great energy booster”.

7. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

#Spirulina contains phycocyanin, which helps fight free radicals. This substance gives #spirulina its great anti-inflammatory properties.

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