How to use Tom Tom to make love? Tomtom and cold water for weak erection and premature ejaculation.

Ever since I wrote an article about the health benefits and side effects of tomtom sweet or tomtom candy, I have been getting all sorts of mails from both men and women who want me to also write about the s.ex.ual benefits of tomtom. Before now, I never knew that tomtom has become some sort of aphrodisiac and libido booster for some persons. Sorry I can be that naive….dont be surprised. Maybe I am not a wazzup person (laughs). When I followed a twitter trend about “za oza room” benefits of cold water and tomtom… I understood better.

Truly, many young guys and ladies and even old persons have found a use for tomtom that many of us still don’t know about – for nakamora. E shock you Abi?

I spoke with a lady who confirmed to me that she performs the Olamide song first of all go d.own low on somebody’s child after licking 2 or 3 tomtom sweets is pure heaven. …She said the feeling is different because of the menthol cooling or burning effects. She said it is a Mount Everest kind of “electric feeling” if the tomtom is combined with very cold water or ice. She confirms to me that she likes the yoriyori song done on her too.

How to use Tom Tom to make love?
How to use Tom Tom to make love

A guy I spoke with about the rumour of tomtom sweet use for megbesuegbe activity also confirmed it to me that it is true. He said “megbesuegbe” is no longer complete for him and his chik.ala without tomtom. He narrated to me how the cooling effect of the menthol in tomtom is he.aven and delays premature ejaculation. How does he use it? He put about 2 tomtom sweet in his mouth and lick it about 20minutes before oyinbo rough p.lay…

My Verdict: We all have rights to our megbesuegbe fantasies but the truth is tomtom and cold water for nakamora is still risky behavior and can make you prone to contracting sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, herpes etc…

However, if you trust you partner, fire on.

Before now, it is believed that a combination of tomtom, bitter kola, water melon and cucumber helps treats erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and weak erection making a man last longer. This actually works.

Have you also try tiger nut as an aphrodisiac….drink the juice.

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