Goron Tula and pregnancy: Can goron Tula cause miscarriage?

From my mailbox,

A pregnant lady who ate goron tula fruit and drank goron tula syrup wants to know if the Hausa aphrodisiac popularly called African chewing gum and known scientifically as Azanza garckeana (AG) can cause miscarriage… Is goron tula fruit safe in pregnancy.

Dear Doctor,

Thank you for all you do…I have read a whole lot of your article about goron tula and I will say I am very much impressed. You take time out to explain every details for the public to understand… I on behalf of the readers of www.nimedhealth.com.ng are very much proud of you. My doctor, I am about 2 months pregnant (8 weeks pregnant) and just yesterday, I ate goron tula fruit for my morning sickness… This is my first pregnancy and the associated symptoms of my morning sickness like vomiting and nausea (spitting) is quite unbearable. Nothing has been able to stop it except when I eat goron tula fruit… As a pregnant woman, I eat goron tula fruit every morning and in the evening, I drink the goron tula syrup. I have been fine ever since.

Goron Tula and pregnancy: Can goron Tula cause miscarriage?
Goron tula fruit and pregnancy

Just this morning, I read an article where goron tula was said to have the ability to cause miscarriage and pregnancy loss… That means goron tula is not good for pregnant women, how true is this claim.

Can goron tula cause miscarriage… Will it affect my pregnancy negatively? Will it harm my baby.

Caroline from Ojota, Lagos Nigeria


My reply :

Good morning and thank you for reaching out. Goron tula is a very popular herbal fruit that has scientifical backed use in treating vagina dryness and boosting fertility. However, as one of the side effects, goron tula has been found to have the ability to induce labor and cause uterine contraction that can lead to miscarriage. African chewing gum has many health benefits and medicinal properties but it is not really safe in pregnancy and pregnant women should avoid it.

Madam Caroline, you are lucky that you, your pregnancy and your unborn have not suffered any negative effect of goron tula….. You should be aware that pregnant women are advised to desist from taking any form of herbal concoctions or herbal plants….Goron tula is a herb and eating it can cause induced abortion, preterm labour, low birth weight, small for gestational age baby, and congenital birth abnormalities.

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Since you have taken goron tula for more than 6 weeks of your pregnancy, I will advise you go and do an anomaly scan (pregnancy scan) to be sure it has not affected your unborn baby.


Dr Udomoh

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