Goron Tula and menstruation: Can Goron Tula boost ovulation?

Before we look at the effect of goron tula fruit on menstruation and ovulation, it will be important to distinguish between ovulation and menstruation.. below.

Menstruation, or period, is normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman’s monthly cycle. Every month, a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, her uterus, or womb, sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus. It passes out of the body through the vagina.

Ovulation refers to the release of an egg during menstruation in females.

Part of the ovary called the ovarian follicle discharges an egg. The egg is also known as an ovum, oocyte, or female gamete. It is only released on reaching maturity.

After release, the egg travels down the fallopian tube, where it may be met by a sperm and become fertilized.

It is useful to know when ovulation is likely to occur, as a woman is most fertile during this time, and more likely to get pregnant or take in.

Can Goron Tula boost ovulation?
Can Goron Tula boost ovulation?

Ovulation is part of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation is the most important part of the menstrual cycle because without ovulation, a woman cannot get pregnant… A woman can be seeing her monthly period without ovulating (no release of egg) ….known as anovulation… this means the ovaries did not release egg during ovulation… There will be no egg for the spermatozoa to fertilize.

For a woman trying to conceive, the doctor paysote attention to your ovulation than menstruation… That is why your ovulation (egg) is tracked and you are told to do timed intercourse… In timed intercourse, the woman is thought to know when she is ovulating and “meet with her husband” in this period…. to increase her chances of conception.

Now that the main question. ….What is the effect of goron tula fruit (Azanza garkeana)
on menstruation and ovulation?

Goron tula enhances fertility because it boost ovulation and release of eggs in the woman. It makes one to hyperovulate and has no side effects. While trying this conceive, eating goron tula actually increases your chances of having twins… This is because goron tula stimulates the release of more than one viable eggs during ovulation.

Goron tula also has a way of regulating the menstrual cycle… It can restart a ceased mensuration and prevents menstrual cramps during period.

Goron tula or wonder fruit or miracle fruit is able to regulate menstruation and boost ovulation by simply treating hormonal imbalance.

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