Can Ruzu Bitters cure Staphylococcus?

Let talk about Staphylococcus

There was a day I went to do a test in the lab and my elder sister said she also wanted to do a test also.

Few days after,we got our test result and we took it to our mum to interprete the test result. She isn’t a medical practitioner o.

Can Ruzu Bitters cure Staphylococcus?
Can Ruzu Bitters cure Staphylococcus?

She just saw staphylococcus in my sister’s result. As a good African mother, she started beating my elder sister. “Omo yi ti pami,afi gba to ko Staphylococcus, so you are no longer a virgin😂,otin doko 😒” she kept talking,beating her and crying. My elder sister regretted she…She did the test,afterall,she had no symptoms,she just felt she needed to do a test. Fast forward,my mum took my sister to see a nurse on my street,telling her that my sister test result says she has Staphylococcus.The nurse kept exaggeratng Staphylococcus,she even said it an STI.

My mum kept crying.The nurse prescribed different types of antibiotics & even told my mum to visit those that make Agbo,cos Agbo cures it faster else she would be barren.She got all the drugs and started using it.Any small thing at home,my mum would call her “Oni staphylococcus.

To cut the long story short, the nurse my mum went to meet was obviously a quack cos Staphylococcus is not an STI.

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Staphylococcus is normal and just a harmless bacteria.

Healthy people have staphylococcus in their skin, nose, armpit, hair, throat and many places on their body.

Don’t be fooled by papa Chizoba that sells drug in the bus from CMS to Orile.
Stop wasting your money on the drug papa Uchechi said it cure staphylococcus in iyanaiba

If you have any symptoms,visit your Doctor. Ruzu herbal bitters, alomo bitters, yoyo bitters, action bitters and orijin bitters cannot cure staph infection… Moreso staphylococcus is not a sexually transmitted infection.

Stay safe.


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