Does Action Bitters make you last longer in bed? can action bitters delay ejaculation?

The many men that yours sincerely, has spoken with agreed that action bitters help them last longer in bed and they therefore used action bitters as Viagra.

Does Action Bitters make you last longer in bed?
Does Action Bitters make you last longer in bed?

Action bitters is believed to increase blood flow to the private and boost libido and performance on the real issues that gives a man confidence. Action bitters is popular in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Senegal and Mali today because many men and women believe that it is an aphrodisiac…. A man nimedhealth spoke with said he takes it before nakamora because he has long realised that action bitters treats his erectile dysfunction, boost his stamina, and it boosts his performance in ‘buhari’s language’.

Other men I spoke with said action bitters is an energizer and stamina booster. One even boasted that he stopped being a weak and tired 14 seconds man immediately he started taking action bitters. Action bitters is reputed to help prevent you from becoming an overCOMER.

The women I spoke with about action bitters lauded it as a herbal mixture that cures erectile dysfunction.. A woman in Lagos told nimedhealth that whenever she takes action bitters, she becomes charged up for her official duties….

There are also tales of action bitters having the ability to cure premature or quick ejaculation, impotence, weak erection and erectile dysfunction.

A small bottle of action bitters 1 hour before will do the manpower magic ….Eating action bitters and groundnut is also believed to help a man last longer.

Please do not mix action bitters and fearless…drinking this mixture for libido can harm your liver and kidneys. Also, it is wrong to take action bitters with alabukun…it is a toxic combo.

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