How Much is Black Girl Sunscreen Price in Nigeria?

Black Girl Sunscreen was created by Shontay Lundy specifically for black or colored skin. According to Shontay in one of her interviews she granted TEENVOGUE: “I created Black Girl Sunscreen because I was underwhelmed by the options for skin protection for women of color. As a woman of the sun with a darker complexion, healthy skin has always been a priority for me, and I knew that there had to be a solution to the lack of options. With this motivation, the journey began to find a solution eliminating white residue and making women of color feel great and look great in the sun.”

How Much is Black Girl Sunscreen Price in Nigeria?
The cost of black girl sunscreen in Nigeria

Black girl sunscreen is the official face of sunscreens for black girls.

The past few years have seen people going from thinking darker skin tones do not need sunscreen to black people not being able to live without sunscreen whether it’s a rainy or sunny day.

The beautiful obsession with applying sunscreen as a black woman has led to women like me wanting sunscreens that would not leave us looking like clowns but without the red nose.

Black girl sunscreen isn’t the first sunscreen to not leave a white cast but for me, being attracted to a brand that was created by a black woman like me for me came naturally. I mean, BLACK GIRL SUNSCREEN. Why on earth will I not open my damn purse???

This might sound too deep but something about walking into a store and seeing a sunscreen by a black woman for black women not only made me feel seen but also gave me some sort of hope I can’t explain.

This sunscreen ticks most of my boxes:
-affordable ✔
-no white cast duuuh✔
-water resistant ✔
-chic packaging✔
-broad spectrum ✔

Water resistant means it’s stands up to the rain, cardio workouts, and whatever life throws at it.


I have combination skin and this leaves my skin as greasy as badly made puff puff. So I don’t apply a moisturizer before this.
Normal (balanced) and Dry skin girlies enjoy it more.

How Much is Black Girl Sunscreen Price in Nigeria?

The cost of black girl sunscreen (SPF 30) in Nigeria is around #9,000 – #15,000 Naira depending on your location – Lagos, Benin, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Warri, Port Harcourt. Black girl sunscreen is available in big supermarkets and online stores like Jumia,, Kings, Yoota, Amazon, Walmut etc.

Tried this sunscreen? Let me know what you think.

Black Girl Sunscreen was reviwed by Skin Pieces.


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