How to use aju mbaise for hormonal imbalance, menstruation, ovulation & ovarian cyst.

Truth be told, aju mbaise is a wonderful collections of herbs…These herbs originally originated from Mbaise, a town in Imo State, South Eastern Nigeria…. Aju Mbaise has since become a popular herb in the southern part of Nigeria and is now a plant of popular demand…. It has numerous health benefits, medicinal value and nutritional properties… Part of these health benefits is its ability to cure hormonal imbalance, regularise your menstrual cycle, boost ovulation and shrink ovarian cysts….

The medicinal value of aju Mbaise are highlighted below:

✳️Aju Mbaise helps to treat Tummy fats.

* Reduces weigh in both men and women

* Eliminate pot belly in men

*Lower blood sugar in the body

*Reduce high blood pressure

*Good for stomach ulcer

*Eliminate mouth odor

*Nourish the skin

*Good for stress

*Boosts immune system

* Cleanses and set the womb after childbirth

* Washes away infection from the body

* Relieves Rheumatism and waist pain

* Correct hormonal imbalance

* Improve sexual libido

* Reduce painful periods

* Good for irregular period / scanty/ heavy period,”Restores ceased period”.

*Shrink fibroid at the early stage

* Correct premature ejaculation

* Washes away blockage in Fallopian tubes.

* Increase fertility. etc! etc! etc!

🌱Aju mbaise treats hormonal imbalance that cause irregular periods.

🌱It shrinks fibroid or tumor at early stage.( it prevents Cancer and tumors)

🌱It’s prevents mouth odour that comes out from inside the stomach ( belching).

🌱It’s an anti diabetic

🌱It’s nourishes the skin

🌱Treats and prevents PCOS/ Ovarian Cysts. Aju Mbaise shrinks ovarian cyst.

🌱Helps relieve bloating.

🌱Contains quinine like substances that kills malaria parasites.

How to use aju mbaise for hormonal imbalance, menstruation, ovulation & ovarian cyst
How to use aju mbaise for hormonal imbalance, menstruation, ovulation & ovarian cyst

How to make Aju mbaise tea for hormonal imbalance, menstruation ovulation & ovarian cyst:

You need:

*1 wrap of Aju mbaise and 1 pack of Aju mbaise ingredients.

Aju mbaise ingredients , which are:
*Uda (Negro pepper)
* Ginger

Preparation of aju Mbaise:

👉 *First wash the wrap in running water. Don’t unwrap it so your pot won’t be full with leaves.

👉 * Add 2 bottles of ragolis or big Eva water inside your pot and put your Aju mbaise.

👉 *Wash and Add Aju Mbaise ingredients.

👉 *Set to boil for 20 minutes or till you see the brewed color. It should be like coffee colour .
By now the two bottles of water have reduced to one and half.
👉. Remove the wrap and the other herbs and drain it.


You can now let it to and cool. Then drink the water at least 2-3 times a day. Preferably morning, afternoon and night. Or morning and night or even daily depending on your schedule.

You can keep the remaining in the refrigerator to be warmer before drinking.


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