Side Effects + Wonderful Health Benefits of Beetroots.

How well do you know your beetroots? This article will highlights its nutritional benefits, health benefits and possible side effects or dangers.

Side Effects + Wonderful Health Benefits of Beetroots
Side effects and benefits of beetroots

Beetroots have an excellent nutritional profile that includes plenty of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They also contain unique bioactive compounds called betalains.


A 100(ml) serving of organic beetroot juice contains
– 29Kcal
– no fat
– 0.42g of protein
– 7.50g of carbohydrates
– 0.40 g of fiber.

Beetroots also contains the following essential vitamins and minerals:

-Folate: important for DNA and cell health

-Vitamin B6: supports metabolism and red blood cell production

-Calcium, an essential mineral for bone growth and strength

-Iron: an essential element for blood production and oxygen transportation

-Magnesium, a mineral that supports immune, heart, muscle, and nerve health

-Manganese: contributes to the regulation of metabolism and blood sugar levels. Beets is good for diabetes.

-Phosphorous, an essential nutrient for teeth, bones, and cell repair

-Copper, plays a role in making collagen, maintaining bones and blood vessels, and supporting immune function.

-Zinc: supports the immune system and promotes wound healing.

– Beetroots lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol level. This helps promote the health of the health as well as prevent coronary artery disease and stroke. Consuming beets reduces the risk of heart attacks.

– Beets are very beneficial to the skin….make the skin glow and we’ll as prevent many forms of skin diseases.

– Beets stimulates hair growth and maintain a healthy hair.

– Beets are rich in vitamin C.. Vitamin helps promote wound healing

-Beetroots benefits for men: Beetroot is very similar to Viagra and other sex enhancing medications. The consumption of beetroots increases nitric oxide formation, which dilates blood vessels and boosts circulation to the penis. This leads to better erections for men during sexual intercourse, and helps them last longer in bed. Beets is one of the suoerfoods that boost testosterone level and sperm count.

– Beetroot juice drives libido and cures erectile dysfunction in men.


PHYTOCHEMICALS: reduces oxidative stress, minimize inflammation and stimulate the immune system.

BETALAINS: responsible for the deep red colour of beetroot, the pigment.

that contains the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

NITRATES: organic compounds that improve blood flow and promote heart health.


1. May cause coloured stool if taken too much

2. May cause stomach upset.

3. Beetroot, like other vegetables when taken in excess, can cause accumulation of metal ions in the liver – leading to haemochromatosis and possible liver damage.

4. May increase risk of kidney stones due to it’s high oxalate content that binds to calcium.

5. Beeturia: urine discoloration ranging from pink to deep red. Harmless.

These dangers of beetroot are minimal if you take it with moderation.

Can a pregnant woman take beetroots?

Beetroots are not recommended in pregnancy. Studies have shown that excess nitrate can lead to methemoglobinemia (elevated levels of methemoglobin in the blood), causing symptoms like lack of energy, headache, dizziness, blue-gray coloration of skin around the eyes, mouth, lips, hands, and feet.

Chioma is a registered dietitian


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