How to detangle natural hair without breakage + detangling tools, combs and brushes.

When your hair is matted and tangles, your hair is much more prone to breakage.

If you have really thick and tightly coiled hair, you might find it difficult to detangle your tresses without the aid of some type of conditioner with great slip.

How to detangle natural hair without breakage
Tips on how to detangle natural hair without breakage.

When detangling natural hair you must ALWAYS use some type of liquid aid when doing it. You can’t run a comb through dry, coiled hair and expect it to not get damaged.

Those with high porosity hair, have hair that is prone to damage since it typically already us damaged. You can’t detangle hair when it is soaking wet like other hair types can.

Detangling super knotted hair will be painful, however it is possible.

1. Get the hair damp

2. Part into sections depending on hair thickness

3. Put a generous amount of oil on each section to help loosen some of the knots

4. Finger detangle before running a comb through your hair.

5. Finger detangling is super important because you can actually feel the knots and work through them

6. After finger detangling use a wide tooth comb. Start from the ends and work your way up to the root.

Spray bottles with water and leave-in conditioner are great to use while you’re detangling so that you can keep your hair damp during the process.

Tools like the Denman Brush, wide tooth comb, and your fingers are great for detangling.

@TGINatural triple moisture replenishing conditioner is great for detangling
– Its a light cream that has a nice smell to it
– it leaves hair feeling super soft

Products like Apple Cider vinegar,  coconut oil, honey, olive oil, and even jojoba oil have all been used to help detangle hair – just be sure to rinse out the ACV because its acidic levels may be too much for your curly hair. Start at the ENDS and work your way up!

Here’s a compilation of the different types of tools that can help when it comes to detangling your natural hair.

1. Fingers
– Do a great job of getting the tangles out
-best option for ppl with fine hair that splits easily
– For ppl who do wash n gos this is one the best ways to retain your curl pattern while washing to avoid having to use a lot of product

2. Denman Brush
– it’s flexible teeth can capture the shed hair to prevent matting
– the brush can be opened to remove columns of teeth & make the spacing wider to minimize damage
– The brush can wreck havoc on your ends if used to often without caution

3. Tangle teezer
– gently coaxes tangles until they unwind
-does a good job of catching shed hair
– The lack of hand and the spacing of the teeth can make this tool hard to use
-some ends on the brush are jagged and can snag the hair
-teeth are close and can’t be removed

4. Wide tooth comb
-can detangle efficiently & remove shed hair, while minimizing damage with widely spaced teeth that are large and seamles.

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