Here are some AM and PM skincare routine for oily skin including soaps and creams that will help you get rid of your oily skin.

If you have oily skin, there are many reasons for oily skin, including stress, humidity, genetics, and fluctuating hormones. To help reduce the oil, follow these do’s and don’ts from dermatologists.

AM and PM skincare routine for oily skin
AM and PM skincare routine for oily skin

Although oily skin can clog pores and lead to increased acne breakouts, oily skin also has many benefits. Oil helps preserve the skin, and people with oily skin tend to have fewer wrinkles. The key is to strike a balance between having too much oil and maintaining your skin’s natural moisture.

1. Wash your face every morning and evening. Don’t scrub your face, in fact it’s a general rule. Stop using sponge to bath. That your sponge is older than my dog(my dog is 3 years) and you’re still using it. A lot of bacteria’s have grown, impregnated their partners and have even had grand children on that your sponge. Sponge can also cause irritation and increased inflammation especially if you have acne. Moreover, they don’t really remove any dirt’s because if you cleanse with a cleanser after sponging you will still collect more dirt’s from your face.

Go to a beauty store, buy any gentle liquid facial wash that doesn’t have alcohol/fragrance and use that to bath/wash your face.

Also if you use soaps like lux, premier cool, Eva, etc you will realize that after bathing, your feeling after bathing with it. Your face will try to replenish those lost oils,and it will do it double. The process continues every time you use that soap and sponge, before you know, you have become the CEO of a oil company built on your face.

These soap are mostly medicated or antiseptic. You can use them on your body but not your face… Or just avoid them generally. If no facial wash at hand use clean water to wash your face. Use a liquid body wash for general bathing.

2. Choose skin products that are oil free. Including makeups, moisturizers, cleansers. Throw away anything containing alcohol in your products.

3. Wear sunscreen as long as it’s day time.

4. I know it’s tempting, but don’t touch your face. doing so can spread dirt, oil and bacteria from your hands to your face. Only touch your face when you’re cleansing, moisturizing or applying sunscreen or makeup, and make sure your hands are clean first.

5. Immediately after bathing cleanse your face, Apply a serum, Moisturize and wear sunscreen. Sunscreen should be applied on exposed areas of your body too. Spray a perfume and smell nice. You don’t need to be a celebrity to look good. Practice it now because you fit blow Toymorrow.

If you follow these tips, you will see quick changes. And if you follow my page and put my contents into practice, you will have a better skin overall. Or don’t you think so?

Every person’s skin is different, and there is no “one size fits all” approach to skin care. If you are concerned about the amount of oil your skin is producing you can try speaking to a dermatologist.

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