Which Swallow is Good for Weight Loss? (Fufu, Eba, Amala, Semovita, semolina, dawa, Tuwo shinkafa, Wheat, Tuwo masara, Pounded yam, cocoyam swallow, plantain fufu, sweet potato swallow, guinea corn swallow).

Are you are Nigerian trying to to remain slim or watch your weight? Are you on on a weight loss regimen or meal plan but your are confused about the best swallow? Do you want to eat a swallow that will not make you gain weight? If yes, then this article is for you.

For the ardent readers of the NIGERIAN HEALTH BLOG, you will agree with me that I have one written a concise article where I compared the calories of all the popular Nigerian swallows. If you have not read it, here is the link.

Which Swallow is Good for Weight Loss? (Fufu, Eba, Amala, Semo, Wheat, Tuwo, Pounded yam)
Which Swallow is Good for Weight Loss? A picture showing the list of Nigerian swallows

On this page, I am going to pass scientific verdicts on the swallows (for example, fufu (akpu), eba (garri), pounded yam (iyan), wheat, Amala, and semovita or semolina) that Nigerians on a weight loss journey can still eat comfortably without fear of weight gain. In other words, I will scientifically look at their calories and tell your whether the swallow can help reduce weight or can be eaten by those on a weight loss routine.

Enjoy reading:

1. Semovita

Made from wheat
1 Cup = 600 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate
Is semovita good for weight loss? No.. it is too high in calories. Semovita can only make you gain weight.

2. EBA (Garri)

Made from Cassava
100g = 160 calories
1 Cup = 330 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate, fibre, magnesium, iron, folate.
Is eba good for weight loss? Though with a calorie of 160 for 100g, eba when compared to others, can be eaten by those who want to lose weight.

3. Tuwo Masara

Made from corn meal flour
1 Cup = 360 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate
Is Tuwo masara good for weight loss? Hmm, just take a look at the calories, sincerely do you think a meal with a calorie of 360 is perfect when you want to lose weight? The answer is no.


Made from cassava
1 Cup = 330 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate, fibre, iron, folate
I hope you are not surprised that the calories in fufu is lower than that of eba? Well the reason is beyond the scope of this article. Is fufu good for weight loss? The answer is no. The calories is still too high.

5. Tuwo Shinkafa

Made from rice
1 Cup = 216 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate

Is Tuwo shinkafa good for weight loss? Yes. With a calorie of 216, tuwo shinkafa remains one of the best swallow for persons on a weight loss regimen.

6. Pounded Yam

Made from yam
100g = 118 calories
1 Cup instant pounded yam = 940 calories
1 Medium 12-inch tuber of yam = 526 calories
Nutrients: carbohydrate, fiber, copper, manganese, iron.
VERDICT: very high in calories and not good for weight loss

7. Dawa

Made from Millet
Calories: 378
Nutrients: impressive starch levels, very high B-vitamin content, as well as calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and so on.
VERDICT: With a calorie of 378, dawa is definitely not the best swallow for weightloss.

8. Starch

From cassava. Staple food in Delta and Edo
Calories: 298
Nutrients: rich in proteins, fat,carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C and of course starch.
Is starch good for weight loss? The calories in starch is high and is therefore not very good for weight loss but suitable for weight gain.

9. Oatmeal swallow (oatmeal fufu)

Rich is fibre and good for weight loss
Calories: 150calories
VERDICT: is oatmeal swallow good for weight loss? Yes because of its low calories and high fibre.

10. Other low calorie and high fibre NIGERIAN swallows that are good for weight loss are guinea corn fufu, sweet potato swallow, plantain fufu (swallow), millet swallow, and cocoyam swallow.


The calories in Nigerian swallows are quiet too high and in truth are not suitable for weight loss. Also, Nigerian swallows contain low fibres and this means you have to eat more to get filled. Eating more means eating more calories and since you want to lose weight, most swallows are best avoided except for oat meal swallow, guinea corn swallow, sweet potato swallow, cocoyam swallow and plantain fufu which contain low calories and high fibres.

Exercise more and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables if you want to lose weight. Thank you.



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