The difference between Elective and Emergency Caeserean section, elective versus emergency caesarean section, reasons/indications for emergency caeserean section, reasons/idications for elective caesarean section.

Elective ( planned, booked, foretold) cesarean section >>>>>> Emergency cesarean section.

In Elective C/S, your Surgery team is ready specially for you. They are physically, mentally and emotionally okay because it is planned.

You are ready as well. Little anxiety. No stress.

You are otherwise healthy.
Materials and equipment are ready.
It comes with little or no complication.
Recovery is faster.

In Emergency, nobody is anticipating it. Though surgery team may be around but they aren’t ready for you. It takes a while to put them and equipment in order.

You are stressed and psychologically not ready. There is one or two complications already prior to surgery.

There may be no blood in blood bank even. Yes.. It wasn’t planned.

Associated with increased morbidity and mortality.

Recovery maybe delayed due to complications.

This is the reason why you need to consent to your Doctor’s advice when she says come for an elective CS for obvious reason.

Don’t turn Elective CS to Emergency CS, it doesn’t always end well.

Let emergency CS be left for unforeseen circumstances.

Elective CS>>>Emergency CS

A lot of women abandon their Elective CS due to their Hebrew faith and present later as an Emergency. In some cases, you lose the baby or the mother or both.

Never neglect an Elective CS especially if you had two previous uterine surgery.

It doesn’t end well.


Again, this post is not encouraging you to abscund in case of emergency CS. Emergency CS is inevitable in emergency cases. It doesn’t mean you or your baby will die.

I am only discouraging women from turning an Elective CS to an Emergency CS.

The difference between Elective and Emergency Caeserean section
Elective CS Vs Emergency CS: A picture of a caeserean delivery

Indications/Reasons for Emergency C-section

In emergency caeserean section, the baby is in dire distress and may die or suffer irreparable damage if not delivered urgently. According to WEDMD, the following conditions warrant and urgent emergency CS:

💠Maternal of fetal distress
💠Prolapsed umbilical cord (the umbilical cord drops through your cervix into your vagina ahead of your baby)
💠Maternal hemorrhage (woman bleeding)
💠Placenta abruption (the placenta peels away from the wall of your uterus)
💠Uterine rupture (your uterus tears along a previous C-section scar)
💠Labor isn’t progressing.
💠Contractions are too weak.
💠Baby isn’t tolerating labor,in distress.
💠Baby is sideways or breech when labor begins.

Indications for elective Caesarean section or delivery

Elective CS is done to keep mother and baby safe especially if the woman has a co-existing medical condition such as diabetes, heart diseases like cardiomyopathy, renal diseases, and so on.

Here are some of the reasons your doctor may opt for elective Caesarean delivery:

💠Twin pregnancy
💠Previous major shoulder dystocia
💠Previous CS
💠Transmissible disease (e.g. poorly controlled HIV).
💠Placental previa (low lying placenta)
💠Maternal diabetes with a previous delivery of >4.5kg baby
💠Primary genital herpes in the third trimester
💠Maternal heart disease for example, cardiomyopathy, heart failure etc
💠Fetal compromise
💠Maternal request.


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