All You Need To Know About The Best Types of Dog Collars…

Many dogs owners just choose the collar for their dogs based on their own preferences or wants.

Do you know if the collar you have on your dog could be harmful to such??

Dog Collar Types should be picked based on need and character of your dog.

Types of Dog collars
Dog collar comes in different types, shapes and sizes
Types of Dog collars
Dog collar

1. Flat collars

The regular common types possessing buckle and holes. They are only extendable by adjusting the size by putting the buckle in a different hole. This collar is designed for dogs with an active lifestyle and prone to getting away from their collars because of the buckle. However, extremely energetic playful dogs on leash can suffocate themselves or get hooked with this collar as a result of too much pressure on the neck or if the they pull on a tight collar.

Dog collars
Types of dog collars

These types of collar should not be worn by brachycephalic dog (smushed faced dogs) like pug, bull mastiff, chow chow, Shih tzu perkingese because of their compromised respiratory system.

2. Breakaway collar: designed for easy release. Looks like flat collar but doesn’t have a buckle, just a fastener and this allows you to easily remove when dog is being choked or hooked by the collar. This collar has different sizing mechanism compared with flat collar.

Breakaway collar for dogs
Breakaway collar for dogs

This is adjusted by sliding the loop of the collar and hence can be comfortably adjusted not too tight or too loose. However this collar is easier to lose as dogs may wriggle their way out of them. A slight pressure on the fastener can also set the dogs loose from leash.

3. Martingale collar: this is like a mix of flat and breakaway collar with an extra loop of strap which passes through two rings. This is designed for dogs with larger neck than head like hounds or any dog that can easily slip out of the collar.

Effective in walking in dogs and training not to pull as the pressure of the collar is evenly distributed because of the extra loop which can be pulled or slack depending on the position of the dog ( see picture below)

Types of dog leaches

4. Choke chain: as the name implies us used to train difficult dogs, confer some level of physical discomfort as it’s designed to control the dog by tightening around the neck. This is very inhumane and dangerous to such dogs.

5. Harness: this is not a collar but the safest alternative to collars. This is the appropriate for brachycephalic dogs as mentioned earlier and it’s designed to be worn around the neck and shoulder. It is not possible for a dog to slip out from it and also provides control while walking such dogs or when a dog pull. It’s safer as there’s no risk of choking or strangulation or neck injuries. However it may be uncomfortable to some dogs and some may develop sores at armpit area if too tight or bad harness material

Collars for dogs

This list is by no means exhaustive.

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