60 percent herd immunity will infect 40 million UK citizens, UK based Nigerian doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo, tells Boris Johnson.

In his words:

“The UK Govt has said they need 60% of the population to be infected with Coronavirus for everyone to be immune.

UK Population is 66million.

So about 40million people will be infected.

Over the next few weeks.

Many people will actually die while the govt does this experiment.

60 percent herd immunity

We have seen what the virus did in China and South Korea. We are seeing what the virus is doing in Italy right now.

But the UK is confident the best approach is to wait and let the virus get to 40 million people first.

We would see how this plays out over the next few weeks.

It is proven that being infected with the virus may NOT confer immunity.

People infected before can get reinfected.

There was a woman in Japan who was infected twice with the Coronavirus.

So you wonder why UK wants it to get to 40million people first before taking it seriously.

The virus currently kills on the average 3.4% of those infected. And over 70% of those deaths are elderly people and those with many medical problems.

The UK is expecting 40million people to be infected. If the virus kills 3.4% of that number, that is about 1.36 million people.

60 percent herd immunity
We need a 60 percent herd immunity – Boris Johnson

Anyway though, the virus rarely kills children/young people – it mostly kills old people and those with multiple medical problems.

My condolences to people with grandparents in UK and people who have multiple medical problems. The next few weeks will be interesting.

It is well.

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already said that “many more families will lose loved ones”.

Just be prepared for the very worst if you are currently in the UK.

The virus will spread- and the plan is to let it spread to watch what happens to everyone in the aftermath of it.

“people should prepare to lose their loved ones” – Boris Johnson

And if you think you can run to the USA, please think again nobody can run.

It seems Donald Trump has banned British citizens today from entering USA – clearly after realising the potential disaster that can result from this uk approach to the Coronavirus.

So you can’t run.

And by the way, some researchers have said the Coronavirus is mutating already and it also has the capacity to mutate.

That simply means it may sometimes become a more aggressive type – if it not already is.

That also means UK getting 40million people infected is a very bad idea.

Coronavirus is becoming more aggressive – Scientists

Anyway, just like USA did, any serious country may want to consider seriously screening flights from UK over the next few weeks. We that are here already have no choice. The uk govt is literally running an experiment on Coronavirus using its citizens.

It is well.

God help us.

And by the way, Earlier today, 229 scientists from many uk universities wrote to the uk government that this experiment is a very bad idea. You can read more here on BBC: Some scientists say UK virus strategy is ‘risking lives.”

Dr Olufunmilayo


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