Comparing the Calories of Different Swallows (eba, fufu, semo, amala, starch and Pounded yam)

Let’s do some recap about your “swallow” choices before the month ends. In descending order according to their Kilocalories/100g

Garri(eba): 363

Wheat: 360

Semo: 322

Starch: 298

Amala: 141

Pounded Yam: 126

Akpu(fufu): 98


Hope this guides us in making smart food choices this year. Check my previous articles on them for your nutrient of interest. For example; wheat comes first when it comes to PROTEIN while Amala comes first when you are looking for FIBER.

Comparing the Calories of Different Swallows (eba, fufu, semo, amala, starch and Pounded yam)
Comparing the Calories of Different Swallows (eba, fufu, semo, amala, starch and Pounded yam)

Please also remember that the recommended serving portion is 300g. This is close to the 1 wrap they serve in restaurants/functions.

Do your cross multiplication and get the stipulated calories per serving.

If 100g of Eba = 363Kcal

300g =?

Do that for other swallows too.


Here is the breakdown of the calories  obtainable in wheat, fufu, pounded yam, eba and semovita:



Energy: 322Kcal

Protein: 9.5g

CHO: 72.6g

Fat: nil Fibre: 0.5g

Vit B3: 45mg

Fe: 40mg



Energy: 360.8

Protein: 11.92

CHO: 73.57

Fat: 1.76

Fibre: 1.51



Energy: 363.19

Protein: 1.6

CHO: 86.89

Fat: 0.72

Fibre: 1.67

Ca: 56.05mg

K: 234.5mg



Energy: 98.7

Protein: 0.68

CHO: 22.94

Fat: 0.1

Fibre: 1.7

Ca: 35.55

K: 332.05



Energy: 126.34

Protein: 2.03

CHO: 27.8

Fat: 0.1

Fibre: 2.8

Ca: 26.5

K: 538.5😊


Energy: 141.7

Protein: 1

CHO: 31

Fat: 0.1

Fibre: 6.4


I included the prominent micronutrients. This will guide you when making your food choices. Y’all see the fufu you are running away from? It contains the least calories. Check out foods you need to eat make you gain weight here.



Energy represent Kcal (kilocalories)

K represent potassium

CHO representative carbohydrates

CA represent calcium

Some Comments

Chima MD

Why does garri (va)  have more calories than fufu, since garri is a product of fufu?


Dtn Presh

The processing and preparatory method has a lot to do with it. Lots of nutrients are leeched in water during those processes.



I agree with the fufu… I bet a lot of people don’t know that Fufu is lighter than all other swallows…. it’s easy for the liver to process too. It’s actually lighter because when my mum had liver problem, a dietitian at St Nicholas Hospital Lagos recommended Fufu as the only swallow since 10years ago.. Even Pounded yam is good.

Intriguing Ike

Wheat has more calories than Amala and Fufu… Fufu that is made from Cassava? Which one is yam again sef… Amala is yam flour. You might need to expatiate more on this, ma’am.

Dtn Presh

Amala is not solely yam flour, some people use plantain too. Since i already included pounded yam, i had to compare with the plantain. I should have specified.


Credit: @Dtnsophiepresh







  1. Who would ever believe fufu is far lighter and healthier than Eba and semo… Knowledge is power indeed… Thanks for this piece

  2. it is but garri is healthier because it does digest fast and most of them comes out anyways. So, garri is a very fiber food.


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