3 ways snakes get into toilets and how to prevent it – Nigerian Doctor

This article will answer the following questions:

*How to prevent snakes in toilets

*How to prevent snakes from coming up toilet

*How to get rid of snake in toilet

UK based Nigerian doctor and social media influencer, Dr Olufunmilayo has enlightened the public on how poisonous snakes gets into our toilets and the best methods of preventing such scary occurrences.



Even if it is just pee, Flush and cover the seat, And once you finish, stand up and go. And for those in the habit of sitting on the seat for hours browsing twitter, making phone calls and checking Instagram, this is for you.

ways snakes get into toilets and how to prevent it
ways snakes get into toilets and how to prevent it

So how do snakes really get into the toilet?

1. Ventilation pipes!

Yes, mostly, the one on the roof. Because bathroom plumbing is usually connected through ventilation pipes on the roof, snakes can find their way through that ventilation system and, soon, into your toilet. Especially if you have trees surrounding your house and an open ventilation pipe attached to your house leading to the roof: snakes can easily drop on your roof from those nearby trees and slip into the open ventilation pipes and crawl into your toilet and any part of your house.

2. Bathroom and toilet openings that lead directly outside.

If you live in a house surrounded by forests or trees, and your bathroom/toilet drainage goes directly outside as an open hole- just know snakes, rats and even village people can disguise to come in for dinner any time.

3. And also you know snakes feed on rats.

So naturally, snakes will follow rats to wherever they are plenty. So if you live in a house with a lot of rats, just be aware that sooner or later, you may be getting a visit from a snake. And that visit may take place in your toilet.

So what can you do?

There is a lot you can do to avoid snakes showing up on your toilet and homes.

1. If your house has an open ventilation system, make sure you cover it with a mesh. The mesh allows the ventilation system still do its work while also stopping snakes. (see pics)

Snakes in toilets
Preventing snakes from getting into our toilets

2. Try to check your house plumbing system and all the drainage system. Make sure it is blocked where necessary and also make sure that you put a mesh wherever it is that total blockage may be impractical or cause worse plumbing problems.

A simple way to do this? Get a plumber.

I have been seeing in the reply section that pouring salt or pouring sniper and 2litres of kerosene down the toilet bowl and flushing it down can prevent snakes. I DO NOT KNOW how true it is. Make sure you speak with an engineer or your plumber before trying anything unverified.

This is quite serious though. Check the drains and exit holes in your toilets, check your bathrooms too, check the ventilation system on your roofs, check the plumbing in your house – Make sure you fix anywhere that has leaks or is open to the outside. This is how snakes come in.
3. Please have some natural snake repellents plants in your surroundings. ..
I hope you learnt something today. Sorry you got scared if you did. Thanks for reading. Please kindly retweet for others. And also share on many platforms as possible. It won’t be nice to be having a poo and snake will bite your penis like this man here.
Snake attack man in toilet
Read how snake bit a man’s penis in toilet

Thanks for reading.


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