OET Exams in Nigeria: Application, Cost, Centres, Dates, Grading, Pass rate

It appears people are sleeping on OET and opting for IELTS as a prerequisite for PLAB exams. OET is now in Nigeria, more expensive than IELTS but has better success rate (for now at least), don’t dull yourself GO FOR OET!!!

OET, an alternative to the dreaded IELTS exam which is more occupationally focused English Examination for Nurses, Doctors and other health professionals planning to travel out of Nigeria.

Doctors and nurses, if IELTS is a stumbling block, you can try OET. A number of people have better reviews of the exam compared to IELTS. It is however is more expensive, and holds just a few times in Nigeria for now.

Professionals/Occupations that can sit for the exam

It is an English exam designed specifically for 12 healthcare professions:

  • Dentistry,
  • Dietetics,
  • Medicine,
  • Nursing,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Optometry,
  • Pharmacy,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Podiatry,
  • Radiography,
  • Speech Pathology and
  • Veterinary Science.

Oet exam centres in nigeria

Nurses, Doctors and other healthcare professionals from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and others from West Africa can now sit for the exam in Lagos, Nigeria.

Oxbridge Tutorial College,
49 Sobo Arobiodu St,
Ikeja GRA, Ikeja,

For now, the only OET exam centre in Nigeria and West Africa is in Lagos

Cost: how much is oet exam in Nigeria?

OET Is Costly. OET is relatively expensive, it cost A$587 (Australian dollar) which is approximately #148, 000 when compared to other English exams. Instead of repeatedly writing IELTS without getting the required band score, you can save up to 150,000 to write the OET exams once and for all.

Countries that accept OET for visa and immigration purposes

The United States and Canada do not accept OET for nurses and doctors migration. Countries that accepts OET for Nurse and doctor visa application and immigration include:

  • Australia,
  • Singapore,
  • Namibia,
  • Malta,
  • Dubai,
  • New Zealand,
  • Ireland and
  • the UK.

How is the OET test like?

OET covers all four language skills (Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening), with an emphasis on communication in a healthcare environment.

For the allotted time:

Writing : 45 minutes

Reading : 60minutes

Speaking: 45 minutes

Listening : 50 minutes

How is OET scored? OET Grading

You will receive a numerical score for each of the four sub-tests (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking), ranging from 0 to 500 in 10-point increments (e.g. 350, 360, 370…) The numerical scores will be mapped to a separate letter grade, ranging from A (highest) to E (lowest). There is no overall grade for OET.

When and how will I receive my results?

Just like IELTS, your results will be released approximately 2 weeks (14 days) after the test. Log into your secure online profile to see them.

How do you apply for OET?

It’s very easy! You apply for OET via the official OET website at www.occupationalenglishtest.org/apply.

How do you prepare for the exams

It’s easy to prepare for the test using OET’s onlinePreparation Portal, which includes many hours’ worth of free practice resources. In Nigeria, there are many study groups on Telegram, Facebook and Whatsapp. Please join one.

OET exams in Nigeria
Oet exams in Nigeria

OET exams date in Nigeria

Still waiting for their official dates this year. However, it was written twice last year (2019) in August and December

Pass Rate

In recent times and according to the testimonies of candidates who sat for the exam, the pass rate of OET is higher and better compared to IELTS. However, you must work very hard to achieve this.

Good luck


  1. I want to write OET, will like to know how to register, get study materials and if there’s any telegram group chat to study with please


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