Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner’s baby with female sperm donor

EXCLUSIVE: Proud dad Reuben Sharpe has revealed how he gave birth to miracle baby Jamie with partner Jay in Britain’s most modern family – and even the couple’s doctor was transgender

Proud dad Reuben Sharpe today tells how HE gave birth to a miracle baby in Britain’s most modern family.

The 39-year-old transitioned to a man 12 years ago.

But he still had maternal instincts and six years ago stopped taking testosterone in the hope of one day having a child.

And that dream came true when he and partner Jay had a bouncing baby.

The trans couple and their baby

Jay is non-binary – so does not identify as male or female.

The sperm donor was a trans woman… and even the DOCTOR was transgender.

And while a handful of other UK men have fallen pregnant after transitioning from a woman, Reuben and Jay are among the first couples to speak out about their remarkable journey.

Transgender gives birth

Reuben has a check-up during late stage of his pregnancy

Little Jamie arrived three months ago and the family have just enjoyed the best of Christmases.

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