Top 7 security dog breeds in Nigeria you may want to consider having for protection!, dog breeds in nigeria with pictures

PS. Ranking is my personal opinion.

1. Caucasian Shepherd
Naturally bred to protect farm animals from wild life. They are highly suspicious of strangers and can turn aggressive to intruders. Their stature is intimidating with a loud bark accompanying with massive jaw strength. Easily enters my number 1 slot.
Security dogs in Nigeria
Caucasian shepherd
2. Tibetan Mastiff
A detective dog, all they know is protect. Can be so cool and gentle however can prove very dangerous if owners are threatened or provoked. Might not charge at an intruder but will watch every move of such till he’s convinced such is a threat. Massive bark!
Security dog breeds in Nigeria
Tibetan Mastiff

3. Cane Carso

Body built for guarding. Very pleasant and warm around owners but strangers have to deal with a dog bred from Roman war dogs. No nonsense dog, would not give an intruder chance to step a feet in their territory.

Guard dogs in Nigeria
Cane Carso, a guard dog

4. Dogo Argentino

White full of energy, with high pain tolerance. You’d not want to mess with a dog bred to hunt wild boar. Strangely enough, they are so good with children yet protective of their environment fearlessly. Slot in number 4 of my list.

Security dog breeds in Nigeria
Dogs in Nigeria

5. Boerboel.

One of the the best guard dog. Highly athletic and well built. Strength, stamina, power, Physical ability in one. Bred to protect home! Could prove very aggressive towards strangers.


6. Doberman pinscher

Generally gentle, loving and intelligent breed, A breed highly used during the World War II. Doesn’t attack unless if threat or danger is perceived. They are super fast, attack or charge in a flash. They are super smart. A trained doberman is an officer.

Doberman pinscher
Doberman pinscher,one of the important security dog breeds in Nigeria with a majestic pose.

7. Rottweiler

A dog bred to protect cows. Intelligent and extremely loyal to owners. Requires socialization as a poorly trained Rott can be dangerous, stubborn and aggressive.

Rottweiler in Nigeria

Some comments

Kaja of Opobo

No Presa Canario on your list? More common in these parts than the Dogo… Has the build and athleticism meant for a guard dog, proper bark, highly territorial when it comes in to strangers.


You chose Caucasian Shepherd ahead of GSD…#tragic they’re just loud barkers to me and I’ve seen them runaway from fights GSD will always stand their ground.

King Richesse

Am a huge fan of the doberman breed But this ur list made me fall in love with these other breed Picture illustration is 👌

King Mufasa

I like your list very much! But for me I will pute the Rottweiler on the number 5.


Boxer nko



Like Tibetan, neopolitan and St Bernard as additional.


Your judgement is fantastic. For me, a GSD would be in place 1 and the Boer Boel in then 2nd place.


Why am not even placing Rott over cauc is basically Rott is more of attacking strangers than alerting the owners but for real caucasian and Rott are the best combo for guard dogs…you can add GSD to them for proper home training lol.

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