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Can make your skin glow,

Can fight against aging,

Can help you sleep better,

Can improve your mood,

Can help your hair grow better,

Can help you deal with stress,

So should you swallow cum?

Maybe you should.

Or Maybe not.

Based on popular demand, Let’s talk about this.

So let’s take it one step at a time.

There are many popular claims that are made about cum. Is it completely baseless?

Actually, no. Is it exactly as true as they say as well? Actually, no also.

So while there may be some truths, a lot of what is said is mostly exaggerated.

What exactly is it?

Cum/semen is the liquid produced by a man at ejaculation after orgasm.

What does it look like?

It’s creamy, off-white, mildly yellowish.

What is it made up of?

About 5% sperm cells. About 80% fluids from the prostate and other glands- which is mostly water.

Does cum contain protein?

Yes it does.

Now does it contain enough protein in it to make so much impact from swallowing it?

No it does not. On the average, per ejaculation, a man can only make about 5mls of cum. And out of that, only About 1/20 of that is protein. Think about it.

So in other words, while cum truly contains protein, it contains too little protein for you to actually rely on it as a “rich” protein source

The protein is too little to supply the amount of protein you need on a daily basis.

So yes it contains protein, but no it’s too little.

Does cum contain calories?

Yes it does. Now does it contain enough calories to actually make any significant difference to you? Sorry, no it doesn’t. Each teaspoon of cum- contains only about 7calories. And a man can only make only about 1 or 2 teaspoons per each ejaculation.

And 7calories is what you get from eating 1 chewing gum. Lol. So think about it, while cum truly has “calories” theoretically, it does not have enough calories for it to be your main or only source of calories. Calories yes. But too small. Do you get what I’m trying to explain?

I don’t know wether you have seen this stuff before or not. It sort of trended at a point on American twitter. It’s about the “nutrition facts” about cum. Now look at that and compare with a glass of milk. You see that you are a whole lot better off drinking milk than semen.
is sperm good for the skin and hair
ls sperm good for the skin and hair. Milk is better and said safer


is sperm good for the skin and hair
Is sperm good for the skin and hair. Nutritional value of semen.
Can it boost your mood?
Theoretically yes. Semen contains feel-good chemicals that may help mood. But whether this is in large quantities enough to cause that is another discussion. However, sex/orgasm boosts mood. That’s a fact. So sex maybe the mood booster rather than semen.

Does it make your skin glow/hair grow? Is sperm good for the skin?

Well semen is known to contain chemicals that may help with hair growth and good skin. Again, these are controversial claims and it’s difficult to prove satisfactorily one wether it truly works or not. (Though bull’s semen works for hair).

There is no scientific evidence that supports that sperm will make the skin smooth. In fact, sperm can contain bacteria and other pathogens that could potentially cause skin irritation, infections and allergic reactions.

Additionally, as sperm is a bodily fluid, it may also pose a risk for the transmission of sexually transmitted infections like hepatitis b or c.

“But one beauty influencer said semen contains spermine, how about that?”

Yes, it is true that semen contains spermine which is a natural oxidant, but this does not necessarily make it a safe or effective skincare treatment. Just because something is mentioned or used by a celebrity or beauty influencer, does not necessarily mean that it is safe or effective.

If you have any concerns about your skin, please consult with a licensed Dermatologist.


So, should you swallow s.emen?

To be honest: it is UP TO YOU. Only that do it because you feel it may help you enjoy your sexual experience with your partner. That’s all. But if you are doing it for proteins, calories, long life or any other wild claims- you are playing yourself.

So is it “safe” to swallow?

Technically, there is NOTHING in semen that is not safe to swallow. That’s the truth. However,  if the man has STDs like HIV, HPV, Hepatitis and all such things – it is very unsafe to swallow his semen. So if you don’t know, PLEASE Don’t swallow.

In conclusion, Should you or should you not? I will leave you to decide. But these are the facts about semen, what it contains and what the risks are. Thanks for reading. Please retweet for others. And share stories and gusts of what you have also heard about this topic. Ciao.

Dr Olufunmilayo 




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