Trying to conceive? Tips for getting pregnant 30-35 naturally

Planning to Get Pregnant?

Here are simple tips…..

1. Enough séx at regular intervals

Have sex 4times a week- Not 4 roounds, but 4 days a week.

You can’t have sex every market day and expect to get pregnant.

It doesn’t work that way, my brother.

Pregnancy is not an app.

You can’t download it, my sister. It needs work and extra effort

The medical advice is you have s.ex at least once every two days.

That means about 3-4 times a week.

Remember: You can’t be “too busy” to have sezx.

No. You cannot.

That’s an unacceptable excuse.

Sèx is literally ten minutes and it’s done.

Except your man is looking for crude oil.

Does that mean you can’t have it longer than 10minutes?

Of course you can.

And if you have that much time, please by all means go ahead.

I’m only saying all the knacking you need to get pregnant is just about 10mins on 4 different days a week on a regular basis.

You can do it.

Draw a time table if you must.

Stick to it religiously like it’s a church programme you can’t miss.

You will be surprised how many people want babies but think sex is “too much work”.

Don’t do that to yourself.

See it as enjoyable.

And find a way to fit it into your schedule.

Think about it. More than 80% of couples will get pregnant following what I just advised in one year. More than 90% will get pregnant within 2years.

This is no jokes. It works.

And it works perfectly. All you have to do is not give up and keep trying.

Your baby will come, dear.

Tips for getting pregnant 30-35 naturally
Trying to conceive? Tips for getting pregnant 30-35 naturally

2. On Smoking:

STOP smoking if planning to get pregnant.

No shisha, no cigarettes, no weed, no tobacco- nothing!

Smoking can make it difficult to get pregnant, cause abortions, cause stillbirth, cause breathing problems for baby, and make your baby smaller than usual (low birth weight).

Smoking while trying to conceive can be disastrous….it causes low sperm count , low sperm motility and deformed sperm.

Please NO Smoking!

3. On alcohol:

For someone trying to get pregnant,

The advice is NO alcohol at all.

Alcohol can make you more obese,

Obesity can mess with your hormones and your ability to get pregnant.

Alcohol can also cause many permanent irreversible damage to the unborn baby’s brain.

Alcohol intake in men lowers sperm count and libido.

Please note!

4. Take a folic acid supplement:

All women trying to get pregnant (and those already newly pregnant) should take folic acid 400micrograms from now till they are 3months pregnant or more.

That is to help prevent the unborn baby from having brain and spinal cord defects when born called spinal bifida

Trying to conceive
Spinal bifida from deficiency of follicle acid in the mother

5. Maintain a healthy weight:

Make sure your BMI is between 18.5-25

To calculate body mass index,

Get weight in kg

Get height in meters

Multiply height by itself

Divide the weight in Kilograms by the answer you get from multiplying the height in meters by itself

That’s your BMI

Both for men and women, having a BMI more than 25 means you are overweight and that’s not good for someone trying to conceive.

Excess weight can mess up your hormones and make it more difficult for you to get pregnant.

So cut down the weight.

Join a gym. And keep at it.

At the same time do NOT overdo things and lose weight too fast.

Do NOT lose more than 1kg per week.

That’s the safe way to lose weight.

Excessive rapid sudden weight loss also does the same thing to your fertility as being overweight,

Going slow and steady wins the race.

6. Timed intercourse

By timed intercourse, it means as a woman you meet with your partner when you are ovulating (in your fertile period)….For this to work, you must know when you are ovulating. It is simple, in women with 28 day cycle, add 14 days to the first day of your period….and meet with your husband a day before, on that date and a day after. This alone increases your chances of getting pregnant by 60 percent. For example, if the first day of your flow is first of April, then your ovulation day is 15. So, meet with your partner on the 14, 15 and 16th of April.

7. Staying with your partner

It will be extremely difficult for you to conceive when you and your partner are staying apart. To achieve the 3x a week knacks , you will agree with me that you must be staying with your husband.

Thank you

Dr Udomoh

Dr Olufunmilayo


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