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Top 30 foods you should avoid giving your dogs

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Dogs are carnivores, they prefer meat to vegetables! Just as humans, there are some foods that are harmful or toxic tp dogs are you should be totally avoided. Below are the foods..

Dogs owners!! Dog owners… Stop giving your dog bones. Who ever told you dogs like bone?? This dog couldn’t excrete for months and had perineal hernia as a result of continuous straining. They are carnivores. They will always go for anything related to meat. I’m tired of saying this but do a test. Put bone n meat in different plate n see the one your dog will go for. Plus you are the owner you should give your dog what’s good. You can give them something else to exercise their jaw or teeth but never bones. In addition, please don’t give them (your dogs) chicken with the bone in it. Chicken bones splints with sharp edges that can pierce their GIT and cause lots of issues that can be life threatening for them
Excess gas and constipation are risk factors of giving your dog beans… Some may have realised that their dogs don’t like beans.
Though not poisonous to dogs. It adds no nutritional benefits to the dog. Just some excess pack of carbohydrate and calories… So it’s better to just avoid in all. Ensure the bread doesn’t contain raisins which could be harmful. Bread flour is from wheat. The only carbohydrate good for your dog is Rice.
Never give your dogs chocs. Chocolate contains toxic substances called methylxanthines, which are stimulants that stop a dog’s metabolic process. A large amount can cause seizures, irregular heart function, and even death. Chocolate drinks contain coffee that damages dogs’ nervous and cardiovascular systems.
A no no! Any food spiced with these is a potential threat. Garlic is 5 times toxic to dogs than any other of the allium family. Garlic can cause anemia in your dog.
Dogs are lactose intolerance, you may have noticed your dog starts having diarrhea after giving milk or sort milk based product.
Never ever ever give this to your dog! One of the most dangerous food item to give your dog. Signs after ingesting such is inability to walk, vomitting, general nervous system incoordination.
Contains toxic compounds that can lead to rapid kidney failure or death of your dog.
Should be very very limited in your dogs diet. Hence valid you should not give your dog salty food, seasoned foods.
Not good for humans, not also good for dogs. It leads to weight gain and obesity, dental problems , and diabetes in dogs. Avoid them to keep your dog healthy.
Other toxic foods to dogs:

11. Nutmeg

12. Mushroom

13. Tomatoes

14. Potatoes

15. Raisins

16. Wheat

17. Rhubarb

18. Avocado

19. Leavening agents such as baking powder, baking soda and yeast

20. Alcohol

21. Sugary foods

22. Any food containing coffee

23. Cheese

24. Beacon and fatty meats (causes pancreatitis in dogs)

25. Ham

26. Raw and poorly cooked meat and eggs

27. Apple seeds and cores

28. Mustard seeds

29. Oranges (citrus fruits)

30. Licorice

31. Marijuana
home based foods you should avoid giving your dogs
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