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It is a culture that cuts across races, when a newborn baby is born, family members, friends and well-wishers pay them visits. The new mother and father are not left out. There are however, rules and etiquettes you must observe to ensure a smooth visit for you, baby, and parents. They are below.

When you’re going to visit a new mother/newborn baby:

1. Wash your hands

2. If you’re sick, stay at home, they’ll understand

3. Don’t kiss the baby

4. Take a gift for the mother also, people forget about the mother

5. Don’t wear strong perfumes

6. Keep your advices unless you’re asked

7) Don’t tell the mother she has added much weight or she looks too dark. Do not comment on her body.

8) Don’t give the baby cash gift directly.

9) Don’t overstay your welcome when visiting a baby, parents are tired. Don’t stay for too long.

10) If possible don’t carry the baby you can greet the baby from afar for safety reasons.

11. Dont ask for the sex of the baby. Please don’t talk about it.

11. Dont shame them with subtle sarcasm fr having a female child.

12. Ask for permission before taking any photos, and don’t use flash.

13. Visit when it is convenient for the new mother. If possible call first. Do not come unannouced.

14. Wear camphor or naphthalene free clothes. See the reasons here.

15. Help the new parents. You can help with dome household chores or better still help them go shopping.

16. Be mindful of the questions you ask.

17. It is draw attention to yourself or make other visitors shift attention from the new born baby and the mother.

18. It is not your business how the baby came out (caeserean section or vaginal delivery).

19. I know she is your friend but do not ask if the baby’s father is supportive.

20. Do not comment on her house or apartment.

21. Respect parents wishes

22. Do not share baby’s or mother’s picture on social media. If you want to take permission, but avoid it altogether.

23. You may or may not visit with your kids. Think about this especially if it will cause unnecessary noise. Newborns and new mums need some quiet.

24. Do not stare during breastfeeding. Many people especially africans frown at this.

25. Don’t be offended or surprised if mother is unnecessary emotional. Try and umderstand.

26. Give older sibling attention especially if they know you as a family friend.

27. Do not bring a crowd

28. Do not smoke while with the newborn baby

Visiting a newborn baby
Newborn visiting rules. Dos and Don’ts
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