Also known as internal condom,a female condom or internal condom is a thin pouch made from soft plastic designed to be inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse.

The female condom is the only contraceptive method for women that provides dual protection i.e. it protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections at the same time.

Benefits include:

1.Protects against sexually transmitted infections.

2.Prevents unplanned pregnancy.

3. Useful tool for family planning.

4. Doesn’t need medical expertise to apply ( can be inserted by the woman).

5.Doesn’t contain any hormones. No weight gain. No cessation of menstruation.

6.If used correctly, they are 95% effective.

7.There are latex free options, which can be used by persons with latex allergy.


1. Have to be worn EVERY time there is sexual intercourse.

2. Have to be inserted properly and this might take some time to master the process ( practise makes perfect).

3. In comparison to male condoms they are more expensive and not as easily obtainable in Nigeria.

4. You may feel irritation in your vulva or vagina, but this can be resolved by using lubricant.

5. Clumsy to insert.


1. Check the expiry date.

2. Wash your hands.

3. Spread the lubricant evenly by rubbing the sides of the condom packet together.

4. To open: Locate arrow and carefully tear down from the notch on the top of the package.



Hold the condom at the closed end, open end hanging down. Grasp the flexible inner ring and squeeze with the thumb and middle finger so it becomes long and narrow.

6. How to INSERT

a. Find a comfortable position: Squat, raise one leg, sit or lie down.

b. With one hand gently insert the inner ring (the closed end) into the vagina and with the other hand gently part the labia.

c. Push the inner ring up and back into the vaginal canal, moving it into place. Push the condom as far as it will go – near pubic bone. Make sure it is not twisted. The outer ring (open end) remains outside the vagina.

d. Gently guide your partner’s penis into the vagina. Make sure that it enters properly. Once the penis is inserted, if there is discomfort, withdraw the penis and reposition the inner ring (discomfort can be caused by the inner ring bumping against the cervix when not properly inserted).

e. To remove the condom twist the outer ring and gently pull the condom. Wrap the condom in the sachet package or tissue and throw into the garbage.

The condom is to be used once only, can’t be re-used.

Can be used during pregnancy or menstruation.
Doesn’t need to be removed immediately after ejaculation

Where to buy?

Available at most major pharmacies, Jumia, Konga, Alibaba, Amazon, Ajebo and in health centres across Nigeria.

The price of female condom.

It is sold for #1,800 naira for 3 packets. Each packet contains one condom.

This article was written by Dr Irigo Christiana.

Watch this YouTube video on how to use the female condom.


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