Where are the fertility/ivf centres in Abuja? How much does IVF cost in Abuja?

Abuja, a city in North- Central Nigeria is the country’s Federal Capital with an estimated population of 776,298 according to 2006 census.

Abuja is a home to the numerous IVF clinics spread across Nigeria and hence, a destination to numerous childless couples seeking IVF treatment. This article will list out the up-to-date addresses, phone numbers, success rate and pricelist/cost of the various fertility/IVF centres in Abuja.

1. National Hospital Abuja

Plot 132, Central Business District, (Phase II),

Garki , Abuja.

Email: [email protected]


Cost of IVF: N2.5million naira

Success Rate of IVF National Hospital: Out of 500 pregnancies, successfully delivered 350 babies in the hospital.

2. King’s Care Hospital

2, Capetown Street,

Off Ibrahim Babagida Way, Wuse Zone 4,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Email:[email protected]


A fertility clinic in Abuja that renders services on IVF, antenatal clinic, gynaecological clinic, cervical cancer screening and family.

Further information like their IVF success rate and their pricelist for IVF is not disclosed on their site.

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3. Diff Hospital, one of the IVF centres in Abuja that offers promo

No 6, Udi Hills Close, Aso Drive,

Abuja, Nigeria.

Email: [email protected]

08150871300, 08150871200

The fertility clinic offers services on: IVF, surrogacy, gender selection, genotype selection, freezing of gametes, fertility preservation, and pre-genetic screening.

Cost of IVF @ Diff Hospital: N 3,500,000 naira. They give IVF promos/discounts at a particular time of the year tagged the “Window of Joy”. As it is documented scientifically that very few couples are successful with first cycle IVF, Diff Hospital gives couples three cycles IVF for N1,903,700 naira. This increases your chances of IVF success.

Success Rate:Good

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4. Nisa Premier Hospital

Plot 618, Alex Ekwueme Way,

Jabi, Wuse, Abuja

Website: www.nordica.org/nisa


One of the oldest IVF centres in Abuja. A pioneering breakthrough in invitro fertilization (IVF) was achieved and authenticated by the Federal Government in February 1998.

In April 2001, Nisa Premier Hospital teamed up with Nordica International of Denmark to jointly run, the “Nordica Fertility Centre”, in Abuja.

Success Rate: The hospital has achieved Nigeria’s first IVF Twins, Triplets, and the first delivery from frozen embryos.

Cost of IVF at Nordica: Kudos to them. They have a breakdown of their IVF prices. Three cycles of IVF at Nisa/Nordica cost N2,800,000 naira.

5. Bridge Clinic Fertility Centre, Abuja

724 CAD, Zone BO4, Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi

Abuja, Nigeria.


Bridge Clinic Abuja offers comprehensive gynaecological assessments, as well as specialised services including IVF, IUI, blastocyst culture, surgical sperm collection, and oocyte freezing, in addition to various support services, such as surrogacy and cryopreservation.

Success rate: Opened an operational branch in Abuja in 2014-2015. Since then, they have successfully delivered 103 IVF babies in the centre.

Cost of IVF at Brige Clinic: N3,500,000 naira. They may allow you pay in instalments.

6. Care Fertility Hospital

1, Angas Way, Near FEPA Quarters, Karu Site,

Abuja Municipal, Abuja, Nigeria.

Care Fertility Hospital is one of the few IVF centres in Abuja that offers low-cost IVF treatment, charging 50% lower than other hospitals, yet provides IVF and fertility services of the highest standard.

7. Grabbo Fertility Clinic

2, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa Estate, Abuja, Nigeria.

Website: grabbofertilityclinic.com


Grabbo Fertility centre has a high success rate and offers low cost IVF treatment. They also do IVF promos/discounts/price slashing all year round. The reviews are superb.

8. Medimax Hospital

Plot 11, 612 Road , Off 7th Avenue,

Gwarinpa Estate 900108, Abuja.


They offer the following services: IVF, obstetric services, ultrasound services etc.

Cost: #3,000,000

Success: They have a good success rate

9. Garki Hospital Abuja

Garki Hospital now have facilities for IVF. They do IVF promo and offers affordable IVF at #300,000 naira …check them out.

10. Aquila Clinic and Fertility, Abuja

Said to be the new kid in the block of fertility as far as Abuja is concerned…they have a good success rate and their prices of IVF are negotiable.

*********And One other thing******

The cost of IVF in Abuja

Perhaps, the statement culled from Thisday Newspaper and made by Dr Jafaru Momoh, the Chief Medical Director (CMD) of National Hospital, Abuja may give us a clue on IVF cost in Abuja(Nigeria). He said:

“The bottom line of access to IVF in Nigeria is affordability; that is cost. The National Hospital IVF programme is less than one-fourth of the cost of IVF in the lowest private hospital cost range. For our services, we will take about N350,000, you will buy your drugs; that is all. But you will spend close to N2 million naira for IVF in some private hospitals”.

This statement was made as far back as 2019. Right now, IVF price in National Hospital, Abuja is about 1.5 million to start the process and you will pay close to 5 million naira to finish the process that will give the baby. Waiting list is the major problem here.


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