20 benefits of cinnamon for female.

If there is any herb or spice that every woman must have in their corner, it must be cinnamon because of its numerous benefits especially as regards their reproductive health and general well being.

Straight to the point. In this article I am going to be discussing over 20 benefits females and women generally derive from taking cinnamon tea.

20 benefits of cinnamon for female

1. Boost libido

Cinnamon tea is a fantastic libido booster for women. Enjoy cinnamon as a woman

2. Lubricates

Drinking cinnamon tea as a woman is a solution to that your nagging dryness and other room frustrations you experience.

3. Boost ovulation

Cinnamon is an ovulation booster and stimulates the release of multiple eggs.

20 benefits of cinnamon for female
20 benefits of cinnamon for female you must know

4. Good for the skin

Drinking cinnamon tea daily gives you a flawless skin…. removes skin blemishes

5. Good sleep

Taking cinnamon every night before bed enhances sleep and treats insomnia.

6. Restore menstruation

Cinnamon tea helps to restore ceased menstruation and regulate flow

7. Clears the face of acne

Cinnamon tea helps remove acne from the face giving you a smoother face.

8. Balances hormone

A woman who takes cinnamon need not worry about hormonal imbalance as it helps regulate the female hormone like oestrogen, progesterone and prolactin.

9. Decongestant the airway

Cinnamon mixed with ginger tea helps to clear stuffy and congested airway….

10. Soothes body aches

Are you having non specific muscle pains as a woman …. cinnamon tea helps to relieve all nagging muscle pains

11. Health female eggs

Cinnamon tea ☕ has been shown to help women recruit viable eggs for fertilization and conception….

12. Relieve constipation

Cinnamon is rich in fibre and adding it to our foods can help improve bowel movement and relieve constipation

13… Cinnamon for weight loss

Ladies on weight loss journey should include cinnamon tea in their routine weight loss diet as cinnamon is a certified fat burner and slim fitter.

14. Good for sore throat

Cinnamon tea is perfect for relief of sore throat within days of drinking and gargling with it

15. Good for vision

Do you know that cinnamon is good for the eyes? It improves your eye sight because it is rich in antioxidants

16. Anti-aging

Cinnamon is rich in anti-aging ingredients. It rich antioxidants which mop of the stress caused by free radicals thereby removing wrinkling and aging.

17. Cinnamon and hair

Cinnamon of course is good for hair growth ensuring longer and straight hair….try washing your hair with cinnamon water and see … cinnamon is very good for scalp health

18. Cinnamon and thyroid health

Cinnamon has been documented to help promote thyroid health and the absorption of iodine …. cinnamon invariably prevents goitre

19. Prevent infection

There is a saying that cinnamon make the vaginal flora harsh for infection like yeast to grow and multiply…. cinnamon prevent yeast infection

20. Safe delivery

Cinnamon tea has been rumoured to help ease delivery in women who use them. This is however not verifiable.

21. Anti-inflammatory

Try and enjoy the anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamon when you take the tea daily. Its anti-inflammatory properties helps with rheumatoid arthritis.

22. Lower blood pressure

Cinnamon tea helps to control excessive high blood pressure and restores it to normal….

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