can yeast infection cause miscarriage?

Greetings. A lady want to know if yeast infection medically called candidiasis and vaginal thrush by some older folks can harm her baby by causing miscarriage.

Her message:

Good afternoon doctor, I am Rosa, a 28 year old lady. Right now, I am 16 weeks pregnant and doctor I have a problem. I was recently diagnosed of yeast infection. I have these intense itching, redness and thick milkish discharge. I have tried all sorts of medication to achieve cure but it has refused to go away and I am truly tired. Please I want to know if yeast infection can cause miscarriage and pregnancy loss…I am scared!

My response:

Thank you for reaching out. Yeast infection is a fungal infection that occurs in 3 in 4 pregnant women. Candidiasis is common in pregnancy because of the reduced immunity, pregnancy hormones that alters the pH of the vagina, poor personal hygiene in later weeks of pregnancy, douching, use of feminine wash, insertion of pearls, gestational diabetes, and many other risk factors I have mentioned in my previous article.

can yeast infection cause miscarriage in early Pregnancy?
can yeast infection cause miscarriage in early Pregnancy?

Treatment of vaginal candidiasis involves the use vaginal pessaries that are safe in pregnancy. Medicines like klovinal, miconazole and clotrimazole are safe anti – yeast medicines for pregnant women you can use but talk to your doctor first.

Now to answer your question: yeast infection cannot cause miscarriage, it cannot cause pregnancy loss or birth defects. The virulence of candida albicans is so mild that it poses little danger to your unborn baby. So calm down please .

There is one other thing that I must tell you. You see, the problem with yeast infection is when you are close to delivery…. especially vaginal delivery. …during the course of the baby passing through the birth canal , it gets exposes to the cottage milk in the vagina using the eyes, mouth and ears to sweep clean the canal. This singular exposure exposes your newborn baby to eye infection (conjunctivitis), and even fever. This is where the problem lies. So you must treat that yeast infection now and not take it to delivery.


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