11 causes of yeast infection in Pregnancy you should know.

Do you know why vaginal yeast infection is so common during pregnancy?

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Vaginal yeast infection called candiasis medically is a fungal infection that occurs in 4 in 5 women. Very hard to treat, symptoms and signs are characterized by thick whitish discharge that looks like cottage milk, vulvovaginal itching, redness and even swelling sometimes.

It is important, you know why yeast infection is so so common in Pregnancy.

This article will talk about the causes of yeast infection pregnancy..

11 causes of yeast infection in Pregnancy

1. Depressed immunity

Pregnancy though not a disease in itself, depresses the defense mechanism of the woman so that the foetus will not be rejected…Because nature in a way makes the woman immunocompromised during pregnancy, she becomes prone to all sorts of opportunistic infection like candidiasis. The depressed immune system is the single most important factor that encourage yeast infection in pregnant women.

2. Pregnancy Hormones

The second most reason yeast infection is common in pregnant women is beacause pregnancy hormones called progesterone and estrogen alters the vaginal pH encourage the growth and proliferation of candida albicans in the birth canal. The altered pH kills off good vaginal flora allowing organisms like fungus to thrive and proliferate.

3. Gestational diabetes

Women with diabetes in pregnancy are good candidates for vaginal yeast infection. Being diabetic even before getting pregnant is a strong risk factor for yeast infection. Diabetes depresses the immune system making the pregnant woman susceptible to yeast infection.

Causes of yeast infection in Pregnancy

4. Poor personal hygiene

The truth is the personal hygiene of some pregnant women drop as the pregnancy progresses. This is so true because the belly grows to big to cover the private area making accessibility to wash this area….making yeast infection inevitable.

5. Douching

Women always feel that they are not clean down ….. and will wash inside their body. The constant washing distrupts the flora and makes the woman prone to yeast infection.

6. Chronic antibiotics use

The chronic use of antibiotics by women generally and pregnant women in particular will kill off the good flora and makes them susceptible to candidiasis.

WATCH: I explained the causes of yeast infection in this YouTube video in details.

7. Use of herbs..

For pregnant women that insert herbs and other herbal preparations during pregnancy, they should be rest assured that they are courting yeast infection. So don’t insert herbs at all.

8. Pearls

Use of pearls like yoni pearls and other forms of feminine wash predisposes women to vaginal yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis and even PID.

9. HIV

Pregnant women living with HIV are very susceptible to candidiasis and yeast infection in this group of persons is very hard to treat and recurrent.

10. Alcohol intake

Women who take alcohol during pregnancy have far higher chances of developing yeast infection compared to women who don’t.

11. Smoking

Pregnant women who smoke cigarettes, shisha and other smokeables not only develop dryness but also yeast infection.

Taking yogurt whether sweetened or unsweetened gets rid of and prevent yeast infection any time. Add it to your diet.

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