Honeycomb moray eel facts and worth…

1. It’s name is honeycomb moray eel, also known as leopard eel, also known as laced moray. It is found in waters of the Indian Ocean and the west Pacific Ocean.

2. It’s a canivorous eel. It is also solitary and nocturnal species. During the day, they tend to hide, only emerging at night to hunt for food.

3. Forget about all these people that just searched on Google and are saying it’s toxic. Even though they contain ciguatoxin which they don’t make themselves but get through the foods they eat, it doesn’t make them dangerous for human consumption. Any leopard moray that is less than 1.5m in length cannot contain enough ciguatoxin that will have effect on humans.

4. Don’t mind those that are calling it ₦20 million fish. It’s a lie.
The very large size which is more than 2 meters in length are sold for around $350

5. When you see them opening and closing their mouth, this is not a threatening display. They’re trying to draw in water. This water then flows over the gills, which extracts the oxygen needed for respiration.



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