Best face toners in Nigeria – dry skin, fair skin & oily skin

Face toners are applied to the face after washing or scrubbing.

A lot of people skip this step, but it is important too.

These are some of its benefits.

1. It helps in balancing the PH of your facial skin.

2. It prepares the skin for serums and moisturusers.

3. This is my best. It cleans the excess dirt that may have escaped while washing your face especially. No matter how well you wash your face, by the time to apply your toner, the cotton pad comes off dirty.

There are so many types of toners and I’ll attach pictures of some I’ve used or other people have tested.

Also, different toners are applicable for different skin types. These are determined based on their ingredients.

Best face toners in Nigeria

I’ll list a few.

OILY AND PIMPLE PRONE SKINS need toners that contain AHAs and or BHAs. (Alpha hydroxyl acids and Beta hydroxyl acids) Breaking down AHAs and BHAs is a whole post on its own. Just know that they’re exfoliants that continue the jibs started by your face washes, cleansers or scrubs.

1. Salicylic acid is one of the most important things acids for a pimple prone skin. Make sure your toner and possibly, your face wash contains this if your fave is oily. It removes acne without mercy. I don’t joke with it.

2. Glycolic acid: This aids the removal of dead skincells that are on your skin mostly as a result of acne and pimples.

Best face toners in Nigeria
Best face toners in Nigeria….listed here

3. Niacinamide: I call this the record cleaner. It cleans off spots left behind after pimples have healed. You need this especially if you are in my WhatsApp group. Awa pimple poppers Incorporated. 😅😅😅😅😅Touching your face, breaking your acne most definitely leaves scars which you want to get rid of. Make niacinamide your best friend!

There are many more ingredients but these 3 are quite effective, easy to get, and infused in affordable products, so I’ll not bombard you with too much info.

Also, sometimes, all these ingredients can’t be found in a single toner and when they’re all in one, they come in low doses, so not so effective. What I do in cases like this is to buy toners that contain each of these key ingredients.

If you can, do so.

So here’s what I do, I alternate them. Use one in the morning, another in the evening.

For instance, I use the following presently:

1. Some by MI miracle toner. It’s a combination toner. Contains both AHAs and BHAs.

2. The ordinary or the good molecules glycolic acid toner.

3. The good molecules niacinamide toner.

You will notice that none contain salicylic acid only. That’s because I couldn’t get a toner I like that contains it alone, therefore, I’ve made sure that all my face washes and scrubs contain salicylic acid, and I use a salicylic acid serum too, so I’m covered.

Using these toners do all that’s needed simultaneously. Reduce sebum and oil production, reduce acne and pimple break outs, clear dead cells, clear hyperpigmentation and dark spots, brighten the skin.

Isn’t that what we want?

NORMAL AND CLEAR FACIAL SKIN , just go for any mild toner. You can use a combination toner. One with a mixture of AHAs and BHAs. Almost any toner is fine for you. Some by MI or cosrx face face toners are fine. No need to stress. You can avoid toners that contain salicylic acid, you don’t need them. Embrace glycolic acid and niacinamide if you are experiencing hyperpigmentation. They’ll help brighten your skin.

DRY SKIN. You can opt for miscellar and rose water, aloe vera infused toners. Avoid alcohol infused toners since they are instrumental in stripping the skin of oil, which you don’t have enough of. Also, use toners that contain hyaluronic acid. This hydrates the skin.

PS: Hyperpigmentation is simply darkened patches, spots, or parts of the skin tjst aren’t caused by any underlying disease or problems. Simply skin related.


Tolulope Faniran


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