is pawpaw good for heartburn, GERD, acid reflux and indigestion?

❤️ Hey, what can I now use in place of Antacid for my heartburn and acid reflux since you said PPI(PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS) are dangerous in a long term.

❤️Yes, I didn’t say so my dear. Various scientific studies state so. It’s a fact that ANTACIDS will destroy the stomach lining during the long term use and they block the pathways of Stomach acid….Imagine, eating and the food just taking longer in your digestive system due to indigestion because the Stomach acid has been blocked or reduced. Another implication of l9w stomach acid is MALABSORPTION of some vital Micronutrients like Vitamin B12 and Iron as these can not be absorbed in the absence of Stomach acid.

Is pawpaw good for heartburn
Is pawpaw good for heartburn? Very good.

❤️Good news beautiful people as I bring to you a natural way of managing heartburn and acid reflux. PAPAIN!!! PAPAIN is a naturally occuring digestive enzyme present in Papaya or Pawpaw. It soothes the digestive system and reduce the symptoms of Stomach inflammation like gastritis.

✅️You can have it blended and consume like a smoothie.
✅️Eat it Raw on empty stomach as a snack.
✅️Eat the unripe crunchy one too that’s not really ripe.

❤️It helps to soften and aid quick digestion of protein which makes it a good form of tenderiser. So use the leaf to boil your meat or cow foot to tenderise it.

❤️In fact, there is a supplement that’s made out of PAPAIN…it’s called PAPAIN enzyme.

Papain, the enzyme in papaya helps relieves heartburns, indigestion, acid reflux, GERD and even excess stomach acid.

For a long time, my mother has been using this although she usually soak it in water and gulp it to cure her stomach ulcer.

There are other fruits that help soothe heart burns aside papaya.

❤️Any testimonial with this anyone? You can share with us.

Rodhiyah Abdulkadir Oriyomi


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