Garri and semovita which is better?

❤️Hen but Rodhiyah Semolina is a processed Grain without any Nutrients ke…so how can you say its better than Garri (Eba)?

❤️Me: YES I said so and that’s correct. It’s processed the same way Garri is processed….what makes semolina better than Garri is the process called FORTIFICATION. During processing, of course there will be loss of Natural Nutrients…so the food industry FORTIFIED the food with Synthetic Nutrients so we won’t continue to be deficient. We have FORTIFIED rice, cereals and grains.

❤️Haaaa but Rodhiyah…That’s not natural now.

❤️Me: YES, however it’s better than Garri thats has little to no nutrients at all either natural or fortified. There is nothing wrong with that. When you understand food science and you know how safe Processed things are …youll stop being unnecessarily scared of Chemicals. Yes!! WE need to eat so close to the nature and eat food the way they come…..however WITHOUT PROCESSING.. Many food will not be safe for us to consume.

✅️CASSAVA to Garri is an extreme processing method
✅️Brown Rice to white Rice
✅️Olives to olive oil
✅️You eat Amala and you’re worried about Fortifications….do you understand how many toxic CHEMICALS during the cooking of Amala….we Processed the yam, strip all the nutrients off…we dry, we blend, we cook h8gh temperature…we burn it….introducing toxic smoke. We go ahead and eat without batting an eye that there is no nutrients kankan in there….Yet, should we stop eating Amala? Should we tell people to stop eating Eba?? What else do you have to offer them??

❤️Tell us your own better option and let me help you analyse it my dear. NOTHING IS 100% SAFE!!!! Even if its NATURAL!!!! Know this and stop unnecessary fear mongering. You need understand how Nutrition works.

❤️Imagine a situation where we have our Garri Fortified with Micronutrients after going through that extreme PROCESSING stripping everything off. Iisn’t that going to be cool??

❤️The same way some of will need to supplement, there are medical conditions that just won’t allow some people to absorb nutrients from food….Digestive issues deplete nutrients…so if you’re in this situation, will you say ohhh you only want to eat natural Food??? I bet you won’t my dear.


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