can you put perfume on babies?

❗️❌️PERFUME IS NOT A “GOOD ” THING For babies, toddlers and even generally…

❌️There are people that should not even be around where PERFUME or colognes are used. In fact, fragrance has been classified as a second hand smoking now.

❌️❌️Many of us are even LEGIT allergic to FRAGRANCE but we keep brushing it aside. That cough, irritation you feel when we walk past someone with strong scent of FRAGRANCE. Yehh!!

❌️It irritates Airways causing respiratory issues like Sinuse infection.
❌️It triggers migraine and headache
❌️Make asthma symptoms worse.

❗️❗️Read labels on your perfumes and colognes.. There is a use of BENZENE in most of those cheap ones…BENZENE is one of the most toxic chemical that’s CARCINOGENIC. Its in cigarette too.

❌️❌️PLEASE DON’T SPRAY FRAGRANCE AROUND BABIES. THEY MAY END UP with serious respiratory issue we’ll end up blaming on village people.

❌️CAMPHOR also called NAPTHALENE BALLS Should be taken farrrrrr away from BABIES and children. It’s so TOXIC to the lungs. PLEASE PLEASE.

❤️Protect yourself …SAFE YOURSELF!!!!

Rodhiyah Abdulkadir


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